Sunday, July 23, 2017

They say it couldn't happen here... with people like this, yes it could

Here is a post by far right racist blogger John D. Smithson.  His attitudes typify the Trump base.  They call themselves 'patriots' but they'd be very happy to see ALL Trump investigations stop and Mueller be fired.  If they had their way, they'd prefer an authoritarian-Putin type leadership wher investigative journalism is crushed, journalists are imprisoned and killed, and investigators like Mueller end up with radiation poisoning.

Making the case that Trumps finances have "nothing to do with Russia" is stupid, corrupt, and shows he's hiding something.   Trump's finances have EVERYTHING to do with Russia. 

Yes, with people like John D. Smithson... it could happen here.  Check out this post where he calls for Mueller's firing.


Anonymous said...

OK but how is Russia somehow the ultimate bogeyman now? It's like McCarthyism part 2.

Trump has his faults, but he seems to be the only one in Washington trying to stop WWIII, by using diplomacy. Unfortunately, the fake news system keeps banging the anti-Russia war drums.

Maybe the CIA showed Trump the Zapruder film and reminded him that could easily be him as the left keeps pushing "assassinate Trump" buttons. of course, if Trump is as smart as he thinks he is he already knows this.

William said...

"by using diplomacy" ??
Is that why Trump has cut the State Dept. by a third and has left hundreds of positions unfilled... just what Putin ordered?? Is that why Tillerson is so fed up with Trump he had to take tim off?

"Fake news system" ... yea? Do you really think Trump is acting in regard with Russia as someone who has nothing to hide? If so, you're not very perceptive, informed, or bright. Probably all 3.

Anonymous said...

Think about it: we end up at war with every country the media targets. This should scare you, because unlike Afghanistan, Irag, Lybia and Syria,Russia is a heavily armed nuclear power.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if you want real news, at least to get some real information about what our government is up to,read RT.

It is well known in the intelligence community that the way to find out stuff your government doesn't want you to know is to read 'enemy' propaganda.

Re: the State Dep't: our State department (and every other government system) is full of anti-Trump/pro-WWIII operatives. So it is logical for Trump to try to get rid of as many of these as possible.

Diplomacy is just a fancy word for a special type of communication. Trump wants to communicate with Putin, unlike our media, which is trying to get WWIII going. And if history is any guide, they will succeed.

Anonymous said...

Jim Gurulé, Assistant Attorney General in the George W. Bush administration has revealed the specific criminal charges that Mueller can be expected to bring against Donald Trump and his co-conspirators:

Obstruction of justice, violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act (a law which centers around campaign fundraising), violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, IRS tax laws/ money laundering, emolument violations, etc...