Thursday, November 20, 2008

Conservatives finally admit it: religion is KILLING the GOP

Conservatives are finally admitting the obvious: Howard Dean was right... it's the "white KKKristian party." The GOP is becoming obsolete.

Look at what a leading conservative writer says about it -
WASHINGTON -- As Republicans sort out the reasons for their defeat, they likely will overlook or dismiss the gorilla in the pulpit.

Three little letters, great big problem: G-O-D. Simply put: Armband religion is killing the Republican Party.

Here's the deal, 'pubbies: Howard Dean was right.

Suffice it to say, the Republican Party is largely comprised of white, married Christians. Anyone watching the two conventions last summer can't have missed the stark differences: One party was brimming with energy, youth and diversity; the other felt like an annual Depends sales meeting.

But, like it or not, we are a diverse nation, no longer predominantly white and Christian. The change Barack Obama promised has already occurred, which is why he won.

The young will get older, of course. Most eventually will marry, and some will become their parents. But nonwhites won't get whiter. And the nonreligious won't get religion through external conversion. It doesn't work that way.

Given those facts, the future of the GOP looks dim and dimmer if it stays the present course. Either the Republican Party needs a new base -- or the nation may need a new party.

Told ya


Anonymous said...

your hatred for organized religion is very sad. the GOP lost because after 8 years of GOP rule and the terrible economy (it's the economy stupid!) people wanted a change... whether that will be good or not...only time will tell! Good luck in the afterlife!

William said...

No, it's YOUR hatred of people that don't look like you, think like you, and pray like you is what is killing the GOP. Good luck to you as well.

democommie said...


I love this:

"Armband religion is killing the Republican Party."

I'm sure he didn't mean "armband" in any pejorative sense; not like those worn by Hitler's Sturm Abteilung or the good ol' American Bund of the 1930's. "Compassionate Eugenics" would be a term they'd be using if they were still around.

I got no problem with people being as deluded in their beleifs as they want to be, just so long as they don't formulate public policy or legislate public law on that basis. Thank the GODLESS for the "Establishment" clause.

Anonymoose @ 3:07PM:

What's so wonderful about all of your KKKristians is your hearfelt love of your fellow man.

"Good luck in the afterlife!"

I think that is a jibe of some sort. But I think the joke's on you. There is no afterlife, enjoy this one.