Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tennessee Politics

TN Republicans say we don't need $30 Billion in Federal Funding.

Like many ignorant "Teabaggers" ... Tennesseans need to remember that we receive more in federal funding than we pay in taxes.

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Middle Aged Minnesotan said...

Three possibilities exist.

First, more federal money comes into TN than leaves it. If that is the case, TN is taking the high road by not participating in the redistribution of wealth.

Second, about the same amount of money leaves TN as comes back in Federal welfare. In this case, TN might be better off spending their own money as they see fit. Money from the federal government comes with strings, you know.

And lastly, more money leaves TN than comes back. This is the case for some states, clearly. In this case, such states have a right to complain about the redistribution of their wealth.