Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fox News and right wing media: Fear the Blacks!! They are coming to take your rights, your country!

Fox News and right wing media has been inventing ‘whitey fear the blackman’ scandals ever since Obama was elected. Van Jones, Acorn, Black Panthers, now this Shirley Sherrod lie and character assassination. Not that it matters, most Fox viewers are older white people who grew up during segregation, but this just pushes their ingrained racism even further.

For every significant civil rights breakthrough, there is a backlash. Like the KKK after the Civil War… today we have Fox/Beck/Limbaugh/Breitbart and the Tea Party.

T.E.A. = taxed enough already? Hardly, '09 taxes were the lowest in 60 yrs. Let's get to the real issue. 'Socialist' = 'negro' in Tea Party speak. 'Take this country back' = 'take this country back from the blacks, Mexicans and anyone who doesn't look or pray like us white Christians' - yep, that's a translation of Tea Party speak.

Dr. Rachael Maddow documents the right wing race baiting:

Olbermann nails Fox News and Breitbart for their character assassination of Shirley Sherrod, and the Obama Administration enablers:

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