Thursday, September 16, 2010

Protein Wisdom's Jeff Goldstein commits libel ... again

Protein Wisdom's cowardly Jeff Goldstein, has a history of committing libel.

Last night, I was alerted by a friend who is an attorney, that Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom blog has attributed comments to me that I did not make on this post - his post, and mentioned my place of employment and full name. I grabbed a few screenshots to document this. Click to enlarge.

This pathetic coward is not just happy deleting factual comments, he now has resorted to libelous defamation, and he admits it (see comment #79).

Per his method of operation, someone must have made a comment that embarrassed him or that he didn't agree with, and since I've hit the mark so many times at his echo chamber blog, and the paranoid he is, he assumed it was me. I'd love to see the comment he deleted that embarrassed him so much. Of course nothing is below Goldstein, described by a recent commenter (who apparently knows him well) as an "unemployable manbaby" - leader of his minions who are "anonymous ankle-biting cowards." He once said he was going to contact my University since he didn't like my blog comments and has "nothing to lose."

Changing people's comments is nothing new for Goldstein, but then attributing racist comments to myself -by full name, and further committing defamation against my employer, MTSU, is beyond dishonest, it's low-life slimy. Obviously, as he described himself, so low he has "nothing to lose" and continues to beg for money at his blog.


Thanks to Serr8d for pointing out this blog in not hosted by For future reference for those that Goldstein may libel in the future, is appears that ProteinWisdom is redirected through to
I.P. -
These companies have been contacted.

Bottom line about Protein Wisdom, summed up by Patterico, who was similarly libeled:
" can’t trust anything written at his site. Which is why I intend never to speak about it again. It is an utterly worthless site that has become nothing but the plaything of the site host, to fool the world about what you said by altering it without notice.

A site with so little integrity is not worth my time, or yours, and I’m sorry I wasted so much time writing about it in recent days. That ends, now."


Why Jeff Goldstein is a criminal

Colorado revised statutes:

18-13-105. Criminal libel.
(1) A person who shall knowingly publish or disseminate, either by written instrument, sign, pictures, or the like, any statement or object tending to blacken the memory of one who is dead, or to impeach the honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation or expose the natural defects of one who is alive, and thereby to expose him to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule, commits criminal libel.
(2) It shall be an affirmative defense that the publication was true, except libels tending to blacken the memory of the dead and libels tending to expose the natural defects of the living.
(3) Criminal libel is a class 6 felony.

From Burleson consulting:
In Colorado, state law makes criminal libel a felony carrying up to 18 months in prison and a fine up to $100,000 for the first offense. In general, web libel is posting false information about someone that defames them, commonly accusations of criminal acts, marital infidelity, dishonesty... [in Goldstein's case, impersonating William Yelverton and attributing racist comments].

According to this article, if you live on one of the 17 states that enforce criminal libel, you can file to lift the veil on anonymity for someone who defames you and have them arrested on criminal charges.

In Colorado, a man received a a paltry 23 years sentence for "spreading lies on the internet", but some states are getting tougher on libel crimes.

Internet libel is a felony!


Goldstein gives us this gem of a response:

"after being made to look foolish in substantive debate"

Question to Jeff:

If Goldstein wants debate, why does he delete comments? How can one be "made to look foolish" if their comments are repeatedly deleted, misrepresented and changed? Tell us, Jeff.

His paranoia runs deep.


William said...

Protein Wisdom is a classic cowardly site that doesn't welcome inconvenient facts and dissenting opinions. Instead of letting such facts stand on their own merits, they do what wignuts do best - practice denial. Goldstein deletes comments that make his positions look bad because he doesn't have the courage to face facts that make him and the people he supports look foolish. It's as simple as that. He has gathered a legion of lemings that he thinks won't find out out such inconvenient facts if he simply deletes comments from his site. Sorry, but the internet is a public place, and any blog that is public should be just that. If a blogger can't bear the posting of facts on his blog, he is a pathetic coward. Goldstein has proven himself, pathetically, time and time again, and now, in a desparate attempt to hide facts, has committed libel.

William said...

Great to hear the calls of impropriety from the hypoctitical ankle biting anonymous cowards at Protein Wisdom who accuse me of "sockpoppets and IP anonymizers" - which, by the way, unlike libel - which is illegal, is standard practice for many who want to maintain anonymity. Using an 'internet handle' is not impersonation. Willfully changing the words of a person - mentioning full name and place of employment IS impersonation, there is no mistaking that. Asking someone to leave a public blog is like not allowing someone to speak in a public forum. Any self respecting bogger would not hide from facts, but would address them, that is, unless he is a coward. However, Jeff Goldstein has crossed the line from coward to criminal defamation. Libeling a state institution and state employee brings this to a new level - the law is on my side, as are the attorneys for the state institution that he has libeled.

Anonymous said...

And, again, you're amazing stupid. He publicly stated that he wrote the comments! There is absolutely no legal angle here. What you think is the smoking gun is actually proof that he had no intent to deceive.

You have absolutely nothing but you're just too thick to realize it.

William said...

Colorado, Jeff Goldstein's homebase, is one of 17 states that have a criminal defamation statute. See updated info on this post to read about Jeff Goldstein's criminal offense.

The Colorado statute:
18-13-105. Criminal libel. Criminal libel is a class 6 felony.

Anonymous said...

So, are you actually claiming that satire is illegal?

You constantly troll his site using a variety of different sock puppets and IP anonymizers because you're an obsessed internet stalker. He makes fun of you and lets people know that he's doing so with no attempt to deceive. In fact, he openly states in a comment that he was changing them for humorous effect because you wouldn't stop with your craziness.

Here, try this: "I, William Yelverton, hate America because it's simply too hard to spell. Okay, that wasn't actually William. That was me making fun of William."

Was that an illegal act? Are you going to call the cops, moron?

William said...

Take a good look at my posts. They always refer to reported facts and often contain links to verify. Look at the bullshit written by PW commenters where you find such gems of intelectula discourse as "Democrat dungheaps" "douchnozzlery" ... etc...

As a blogger, I can't imagine being so cowardly and low that I would take a commenters comment, ascribe an identity so as to impersonate someone, mention his place of employment, and then issue false racist statements under the name of someone, defaming the person and a state university.

What makes people so pathetic?

Anonymous said...

So, even after this has been explained to you in simple terms, you're still pretending it was defamation?

That appears to be indicative of willful malice to me. I'd be careful with that if I was you.

Anonymous said...

Okay. So you want me to contact your university, then.

Consider it done.

JD said...

I am confident you are an idiot.

You did not answer any of those rather simple questions, hilljack.

William said...

Goldstein has a public blog, he does not own Wordpress nor the internet. He not only violated state statutes, he violated Wordpress blog guidelines for abuse. These are facts and he has admitted to them.

JD said...

I think it is incredibly ironic, richly so, that a faux academic who claims to honor the 1st Amendment would want to bring the power of a State institution and the legal system on another for utilizing a Constitutional right to free speech. Fascist.

William said...

Free speech to impersonate someone for purpose of defamation of the person and institution? That is an additional criminal offense.

William said...

This, I might add, is a repeating pattern of dishonesty for Goldstein. There are numerous examples documented of Goldstein impersonating his commenters and issuing racist statements under their names. We're dealing with a repeat offender who has made the statement that he has "nothing to lose" by doing so.

William said...

Goldstein has the balls to say:
"after being made to look foolish in substantive debate"

Question: How can one be made to look foolish if their comments are repeatedly deleted and misrepresented and changed?

William said...

JD, if I had commented under your real name and mentioned your place of employment so as to defame you, yes I would be criminally impersonating you. However, you don't have that status, as you are a cowardly anonymous ankle-biting entity who doesn't have the balls to tell us your real name, and sorry, but "JD" is not a real entity.

Anonymous said...

Why do you continue to claim defamation after you've been relieved of your ignorance on the matter?

Willful malice. It's now apparent to all.

JD said...

Like I predicted. Cowardly. And dishonest. Can't answer a simple question, huh? Buh-bye bitch.

Anonymous said...

You can not claim that he attempted to impersonate you when in your very own post you acknowledge that he publicly stated that you didn't write the comments in question.

You have no case. Not in the slightest.

Again, to continue claiming otherwise only proves malice on your part. This is extremely unwise and I'd refer you to your attorney so they can more fully explain it to you.

William said...

Goldstein willfully issued racist comments meant to represent myself (under my full name) and my place of employment.

Public universites take equal opportunity issues very seriously and racist comments attributed to a senior faculty member is clearly a problem.

William said...

I don't think my friend and colleague, Dr. Sidney McPhee, MTSU president would take kindly to this libelous impersonation. MTSU has been proudly and capably led by African American university presidents for the past 16 years, since Dr. James Walker in 1993.

Anonymous said...

To continue to claim that he seriously attempted to impersonate you is a lie you revealed as untrue with your very own post. It's a lie that you are now knowingly and willfully deciding to continue with.

Again, I advise you to stop.

William said...

Criminal impersonation according to Colorado statutes is a class 6 felony.

Anonymous said...

So bring suit.

ak4mc said...

What are the penalties for filing a false report, Willie?

Pablo said...

willie, what part of the word "after" do you not understand?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Serrd8, we see that Protein Wisdom is using for domain name redirection to We will continue to investigate and report this illegal activity to the appropriate host and authorities.

Anonymous said...

Why do some musicians think good hand/eye coordination and an imagination makes them more qualified than others to comment on politics?

JD said...

Now willie is commenting under anonymous at his own blog? #51 is clearly him.

Pablo said...

Oh, do let us know when you find out who hosts PW, willie. Hint: Look down under.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow.

What a moron.

JD said...

It appears that William the plagiarist Yelverton finally passed out. Hopefully when he comes to, someone will explain to him how fucking ridiculous this is. Or not.

Anonymous said...

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JD said...

How is that lawsuit going, William the racist hilljack Yelverton? When should we expect the Professor of Plagiarism to file this suit, or when should we expect the indictment for the felony charges?

Anonymous said...

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JD said...

Still no lawsuit? SHOCKA.

Anonymous said...

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