Thursday, January 6, 2011

Republicans love the Constitution so much they want to change it

The first day of the Republican controlled House, they intend on reading the Constitution.

Why is it that Tea Party Republicans that have wrapped themselves in the Constitution are so bent on changing it? They want to change the 14th amendment, the 17th amendment, they want to reject the supremacy clause Article VI, Clause 2, and federal taxation Article I, Section 8, ...clause 2.... and if it were up to them, they'd have a religious (Christian) test for political office which violates Article VI, paragraph 3.

Actually, Republicans want to change the Constitution in a dozen different ways.

Now that's respect for the Constitution!

To top it all off, they had Antonin Scalia school them on the Constitution - he's the guy who thinks that the 14th Amendment - "equal protection under the law" - does NOT apply to women, despite a 1971 unanimous SCOTUS ruled that the equal protection does apply to women.

Scalia also has no problem with promoting religion in government (which is unconstitutional), and is basically one of the most dangerous people of power in America. Let's hope for a retirement soon.

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UPDATE: Denialist blogger who can't handle debate - Patterico - stikes again. I commented on Scalia yesterday. My comment was of course deleted but wha-lah .... he has a post on Scalia today. heh...


Demosthenes said...

You mean, Republicans want to change the Constitution by amending it via the legitimate procedures which are provided for in Article V of the Constitution itself? Oh, how AWFUL! Those dastardly GOP dastards, showing disrespect for something

Someday, you'll have to tell me how it felt to be the fish in the barrel, assuming you were even smart enough to understand my rejoinder.

William said...

There have been only 3 amendments proposed in the last 40 years - out lawing Jim Crow, voting age of 18, and Presidential Succession. If you want to characterize the TWELVE (count 'em 12!!!!!) Republican proposed changes to the Constitution in the same category with Jim Crow and age 18 voting, you are a most radical ignorant wing-nutjob activist teabagger ...(but I'm stating the obvious).

Demosthenes said...

Oh, I'm so glad I remembered I left a comment here and came back to read it. There have been only three amendments proposed in the last 40 years? How can that be, when there were no less than TWENTY TIMES THAT NUMBER proposed in the 106th Congress alone?

People PROPOSE amendments all the time, Yelverton. What you meant to say was that only three amendments have actually been proposed, approved by Congress, and ratified by 3/4 of the states in the last 40 years. And even there, you're wrong -- because at the time you made your remark on the 7th of January, forty years would only go back to January 1971. And only ONE amendment has been both proposed and ratified in that time span, you moron!

[The 24th and 25th Amendments were proposed and ratified in the 1960's, outside your 40-year time limit. The 27th Amendment, though ratified in 1992, had been proposed in 1789 originally. Only the 26th Amendment fits your description.]

And you call me ignorant? Bwahaha! Google's your friend, Yelvie me lad.