Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fred Thompson: "Dumb as a stump"

A Nashvillian who's now married to a legendary songwriter, once dated Fred Thompson. Recalling Fred, she said, "he's dumb as a stump."

We can see that, and he's a denialist to boot:

Fred Thompson says it is a "paranoid myth" that Bush deceived Americans in the lead up to the Iraq War. Thompson says "multiple hearings and investigations into pre-war intelligence findings ... have debunked this paranoid myth." listen here

A paranoid myth??
from thinkprogress:
The Pentagon’s inspector general found that former Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith developed, produced, and disseminated “alternative intelligence assessments” to falsely claim that a relationship existed between Iraq and al Qaeda.

Also, you can find 237 specific lies about Iraq by the Bush Administration - lies by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell - all in a neat searchable index in the Congressional Record on an official House of Representatives website:

Check it out here.

From the website:
Iraq on the Record is a searchable collection of 237 specific misleading statements made by Bush Administration officials about the threat posed by Iraq. It contains statements that were misleading based on what was known to the Administration at the time the statements were made. It does not include statements that appear mistaken only in hindsight. If a statement was an accurate reflection of U.S. intelligence at the time it was made, it was excluded even if it now appears erroneous.

Not only is he 'dumb as a stump', he's a classic Republican denialist.

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