Thursday, September 27, 2007

New GOP men's room sign

H/T: Driftglass

Larry Craig is NOT resigning.


Anonymous said...


That nice Mr. Nitwit9 is having a lot of fun over at NiT, doing exactly what he used to spend all of his time complaining about when you were there. And, of course, all of the other folks who hated you are signing on to tell him how great his shtick is. I thought I was not going to have anybody to talk to when you left--maybe I can get banned!!

Fuck. Larry. Craig.

Of course his attorney is the same one who represents Michael Vick. Wow, I wonder if Larry ever used any restrooms at the Falcons' games?

I was thinking that the Freeway Blogger might be able to use this:

"The hell with keeping the G.O.P. out of our bedrooms; please, keep them out of our Men's Rooms."



GingerSnaps said...

I love it! (The sign, that is, not Larry Craig...what a tool.)