Monday, October 1, 2007

The White Christian Party strikes again - Blacks benefited from slavery

Townhall, a conservative online magazine had an op/ed last week by Michael Medved that inferred slavery wasn't such a bad thing after all and that blacks benefited from their enslavement.

"Unfortunately, to bring American blacks in line with their cousins who the slave-traders left behind in Africa would require a drastic reduction in their wealth, living standards, and economic and political opportunities. ... it’s also obvious that Americans of African descent enjoy vastly greater wealth and human rights of every variety than the citizens of any nation of the Mother Continent."
-- M. Medved,
No wonder so many blacks hate the GOP. Looks like Kanya West was right.


Anonymous said...

With respect, as a number of recent archeological studies have evidenced, the fact is that slavery was not a Southern institution. At the time of Independence, slavery was legal in all 13 colonies. It sould be remembered that one of the first persons persecuted for witchcraft in Massachusetts was an African slave from the West Indies. The South had little in the way of shipping, most of the slave ships were owned by people in New England and the Mid Atlantic colonies. They were supported by banks and insurance companies in New England, New York and Philadelphia. Extensive slave graveyards have been identified in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

What researchers at University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins have documented is that when abolition became a popular religious theme in the early 19th Century, many people in the Northern states set about to destroy records of the involvement of Northern states in the slave trade.

Even the end of slavery in Northern states was not what the history books record: While slavery became illegal in the North, it did not occur in an instant. Owners in places like New York were given plenty of time to sell their "property": Thus the origin of the term of "being sold South". There was no required mass manumission in any Yankee state.

The War Between the States was not about high ideas like "states rights" or "human dignity": The Northern invasion and occupation of the Southern was simply about the expression of the mercantilistic ethos of the North which sought religious justification for the opportunity to loot the South. All Yankee wealth has its root in either slavery or the looting of the South.

Anonymous said...


Wow, nice try. The War of Northern Aggression was, if history may be believed, started by an attack by the CSA. The South had little by way of shipping? Is there a verifiable source for your statement? The southern states were largely agricultural economies because they could use slave labor to grow vast crops of King Cotton. When slavery became illegal, the states that left the union did not release their slaves. That plenty of Yankees were scumbags is beyond doubt, to say that slavery was not a "southern institution" is disingenuous or worse.


William said...

Yea, blacks had a much better life as slaves in America than as free people in Africa ... according to this Republican wingnut.

Anonymous said...


I would suggest that Michael ("I'm really, really not Ned Flanders") Medved hustle his delicious buns right over to South Central or Watts and tell his righteously well-off homies how he well he thinks they've done--unless, of course he's not ready to have them righteously, well, off HIM.

What a douchebag.