Wednesday, March 26, 2008

John McCain proved 3 times last week that he is dumb about war.

Old soldiers never die, they get young soldiers killed

McCain said for the third time in two days, that Iran, a Shi’ite stronghold was training al Qaeda a militant Sunni organization. This complete misunderstanding was more than a mere gaffe. Fox News' Brit Hume called McCain's confusion a "senior moment". Perhaps pushing this misconception will give McCain the groundwork as a possible future president to, in his words sung to the Beach Boys song... "Bomb, bomb, bomb ... bomb, bomb Iran".

Of course Gen. Petraeus refuted this claim of an Iran / al Qaeda link on CNN:
"As you know the flow of foreign fighters and suicide bombers that help out al Qaeda typically is through Syria." - Gen. David Petraeus.

Unwittingly, with Bushies in tow, GW has done more to strengthen al Qaeda than they could have ever accomplished on their own - FACT. Ahjmadinejad smooches Iraqi leaders and our enemies have become united. Are the Bushies too oblivious to see this?

McCain is in total agreement now with bin Laden and al Qaeda. McCain wants to continue the Bush "stay the course" doctrine - playing right into the hands of the enemy. Al Qaeda has us exactly where they want us, waging an expensive unilateral war, depleting our military in a war where there is no defense against suicide bombers, where our economy is being sucked dry slowly and surely while feeding the hate for America by our presence in Iraq - the best recruiting campaign that al Qaeda could hope for. That's what we can expect from John McCain.

Speaking of the fact that McCain clearly doesn't understand the war we're in, as usual Bill Maher, nailed it:

"But it’s not just a ‘gaffe,’ it’s what McCain really thinks. And therein lies the paradox of this campaign: McCain’s strength is really his weakness. He’s a warrior who’s dumb about war. Whoever read The Art of War, chapter three of The Art of War says, “Know thy enemy.” And John McCain plainly doesn’t. He thinks the solution is our presence in the Middle East. No, the problem is our presence in the Middle East. ... he’s exactly the same as Bush on the war. They both don’t get the same thing. As long as we’re setting up shop in the heart of the Arab world, we’re not keeping America safer. ... Winning the War on Terror comes down to this: what will make us safer from pissed off Arab teenagers who are willing to die? There are a number of good answers to that question, but occupying their land for the next 100 years is not one of them."

Do we really want someone who has "senior moments" and is dumb about war with his finger on the trigger? Just a reminder here, we could be hiring 11,000 new border patrol guards for a year to protect this country from illegals with the amount that is spend in Iraq EVERY DAY - now nearly a half billion ($435 million / day).

A vote for McCain is a vote for GW Bush, more war, and a continually worsening economy.


Doc said...

This was posted yesterday at And the first comment showed just how dim Willy can be, and how he can't argue without immediately insulting his opponent.


Ummmm…William…General McPeak, Obama’s military ‘adviser’, also said we need to be in the Middle East ‘for a century’.

McPeak supported “the country’s foremost living traitor” John Kerry, in 2004, hoping to be his Secretary of Defense.

Obama shot himself in the foot by choosing McPeak as his ‘adviser’. Read the comments at the link.

Democrats are always weak on defense; their options are always to cut ‘n’ run, using modern, advanced surrender tactics; and to pander to the leftist cowards and ‘code pinksters’. And to throw fake blood on Catholics in Easter Mass.

William, 25. March 2008, 19:11

Said like a true loser… one who doesn’t understand the nature of the enemy or that war is won on strategy and intelligence and not by slogans like “stay the course” … “cut ‘n run” and “leftist cowards”.

And, of course, there's more there. But William, who "takes responsibility for what he says", doesn't mention here it's crossposted at And it was posted yesterday, and chock full of comments that really make him look silly. Of course, he didn't import the comments either.

William said...

The real thing, right… like Saddam’s WMD.

We can see how effective the chimp’s war on terror has been…

National Intelligence Estimate:
the Islamic terrorist organization’s rise has been bolstered by the Iraq war and the failure to counter extremism in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

That’s how a chimp fights a war, game over.

William said...

Link to post on TN Free

Check it out.

Talk about being dumb about war. History is the proof.

And Doc says I look stupid? heh...
He just loves GW Bush.

Hey Mike, here's some free advice...

Doc said...

FYI, I've lost 50 lbs since that picture. And it's incredibly tolerant of you to attack fat people. And bald people.

Isn't intolerance a factor of authoritarianism?

Just more to heap on the ol' Willy's a Hypocrite pile.

William said...

Congrats Mike, that's a great start. I'm glad to hear you're bucking the conservative trend. Interesting to note that the top 19 states for obesity are all Republican, carried by Bush. Also, interesting to note that the Bush states generally comprise those with the least percentage of college educated adults... you're definitely ahead there too. For you, it must be that fundamentalist religious thing - the very religious tend to be susceptible to adopting a conservative authoritarian stance (since religion by it's very nature requires one to submit to/worship a supernatural power). This 'stay the course mentality' is a proven psychological characteristic - the inability to respond to informational complexity and to not deviate from patterned responses.

Demi said...

Good for people to know.