Thursday, March 6, 2008

Money talks - Dems crush GOP in campaign fundraising

It has been noted the much greater enthusiasm in the Democratic campaign and debates compared with the Republican. The huge turnout in the Dem primary compared with the Republicans is dismissed by some as irrelevant. Not all are blind to the facts.

"Since the midterm election of 2006, Democrats have had an enthusiasm gap with Republicans. They have big crowds, raise more money and appear to have more excitement on the campaign trail. Couple this with turnout numbers, which are off the charts."

-- GOP strategist Scott Reed

Well Repubs, if none of this shakes your confidence, try these cold hard facts you can not dismiss ...

Obama and Clinton together raked in as much as eight times as much cash in February as John McCain, the Republican nominee.

Obama raised $55 million in January. Clinton aides said she raised $35 million in February. McCain, who raised about $12 million in January, is on a similar pace for February, according to his campaign.

This trend also extends to the Senate campaigns:

Big-dollar contributions were few and far between for the National Republican Senate Campaign, which trailed the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee $59.3 million to $35.4 million for the entire 2007-08 election cycle to date, and by $30.5 million to $13.2 million in the crucial category of remaining cash on hand to spend on this year's 35 Senate contests -- including 23 in which the GOP is the incumbent party, and five in which Republican members have left their seats open to retire. All 12 Democratic incumbents whose seats are up this year are running for re-election.

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