Thursday, April 10, 2008

Colin Powell supports Iraq withdrawl and praises Obama

Colin Powell was the best, most qualified, and most intelligent military person in the Bush Administration. It is not surprising that he was fired, he was too smart to be a part of an incompetent regime that has considerably weakened America.

It is no surprise that he is a voice of reason in military matters and can see how the disaster of Iraq is affecting the American military and worse, how the present Iraq policy of "no end in sight" could do real serious damage to our military in the future. For that reason, Powell supports a withdrawl from Iraq:
"I'll tell you what they're all going to face — whichever one of them becomes president on Jan. 21 of 2009 — they will face a military force, a United States military force, that cannot sustain, continue to sustain, 140,000 people deployed in Iraq, and the 20 (to) 25,000 people we have deployed in Afghanistan, and our other deployments.... [The president] will have to continue to draw down at some pace. "

-- Powell told ABC's Diane Sawyer

Further, Powell commended Obama on reaction to the Rev. Wright controversy:
"I think that Sen. Obama handled the issue well . . . he didn't look the other way. He didn't wait for the, for the, you know, for the storm to go over. He went on television, and I thought, gave a very, very thoughtful, direct speech. And he didn't abandon the minister who brought him closer to his faith. It was a good (speech). I admired him for giving it. And I agreed with much of what he said." -- Colin Powell

Do I see an Obama/Powell ticket? Awesome, unbeatable.


Anonymous said...


On this one we will have to disagree. Colin Powell gave Bushco cover for the invasion of Iraq. If he had said the evidence was flimsy (or, worse, fabricated) it would have destroyed his career but left his integrity intact. He sold out and found that once he had done so, Bushco cut him loose without a regret.

Douglas Feith, a truly odious piece of shit, who worked in Rumsfeld's Department of Military Incompetence is flogging his new book wherein he says that he was the only one trying to dissuade those meshugah hotheads in the WH from acting their stupid invasion fantasies.

I do think Colin Powell is a very smart man and still has a spark of decency but he is damaged goods. Having said that I would vote for any D ticket he was on.

I don't like commenting on places like Tennesseefree but I did go over to check the comments on your last two crossposts, couldn't find any.


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