Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain and Republicans oppose equal pay for women

McCain again didn't show up for work. Hillary and Barack both came back to the Senate to vote for and speak out on behalf of this legislation - a Senate bill that sought equal pay for women. The bill fell 4 votes short of the 60 votes needed despite bipartisan support. Every Democrat and both independents (Lieberman and Sanders) supported the measure, along with six Republicans.

The Republican minority did what it does best: obstruct legislation.

McCain explained his opposition to the bill by claiming it ‘opens us up to lawsuits for all kinds of problems.’ He added that instead of legislation allowing women to fight for equal pay, they simply need ‘education and training.’

If American workers are being discriminated against, they should be able to file suit. Employers then will stop discriminating and there will be fewer such lawsuits in the future.

OK ladies, now you know who to NOT to vote for. McCain has a way with women. If McCain becomes president, forget about equal pay, you just need to be trained and educated.

No wonder Jenna Bush has refused to support McCain so far!

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