Friday, April 25, 2008

Trouble for McCain the war candidate - opposition to Iraq war at all-time high

The most recent USA Today/Gallup poll finds 63% of Americans saying the United States made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq.

Check out these facts and statements by Gallup:
  • This is the highest "mistake" percentage Gallup has ever measured for an active war involving the United States -- surpassing by two points the 61% who said the Vietnam War was a mistake in May 1971.

  • The average percentage saying the war is a mistake has increased every year of the conflict...majority opposition to the Iraq war is basically cemented.
Sadly, it looks as if this month will be the worst death toll of US troops since Sept '07 if the present trend continues.

Speaking of polls, I see in the RCP poll of polls, both Clinton and Obama are slightly ahead of McCain now. This margin will widen considerably once a Dem candidate is chosen, I guarantee it.

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