Monday, June 9, 2008

Bush says about Abramoff: "I don't know him" - although investigation documented Bush met with Abramoff SIX times.

Oversight committee report: White House LIED about Abramoff influence

Bush says about Abramoff: "I don't know him" although the committee documented Bush met with convicted felon Jack Abramoff at least SIX times.

From the report:
Mr. Abramoff’s Contact with President Bush and Other White House Officials: The documents provided to the Committee include six photographs of Mr. Abramoff and members of his family meeting with President Bush, each taken on different occasions.

Isn't it amazing that with Bush administration lies documented almost daily, that authoritarians will tell you "Bush never lied" ? It really verifies everything I've said about authoritarians.

A House Oversight Committee report contradicts White House claims that convicted felon, Jack Abamoff had access to the highest reaches of the Bush administration and influenced numerous decisions within the executive branch.

From the report:
"The testimony and documents obtained by the Committee following the September 2006 Committee staff report confirm that Mr. Abramoff had access to the White House. Further, the record before the Committee contradicts White House claims that with respect to his White House contacts, Mr. Abramoff got “nothing out of it.” Not only did Mr. Abramoff achieve some positive results from his White House lobbying, but White House officials sought out the views of Mr. Abramoff and his colleagues on matters of official business."

Report titles of a few sections:
The White House Communicated with the Abramoff Team in Considering Candidates for Political Positions in the Administration (page 19)

Mr. Abramoff Influenced Decisions about Presidential Political Endorsements (page 21)

On page 32 - the Bush Administration lies are documented and summarized with this conclusion:

The White House Failed to Provide Public Accountability Regarding its Relationship with Jack Abramoff

You have to wonder what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg in this Republican Culture of Corruption.

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