Saturday, June 14, 2008

McCain's tax program screws average Americans, benefits multimillionares

If you make $112,000 a year or less, you will do better on taxes under Obama.

McCain says Obama is gonna raise your taxes... yes he will, but only if you make $2.9 million a year or more. Almost everyone else will do better.

Both candidates are proposing tax savings for most Americans. Here it is, cut and dry for 2009:


Tax savings if you make:
$38-$66,000 a year

McCain will save you -$319
Obama will save you -$1042

Tax savings if you make:
$66-$112,000 a year

McCain will save you -$1009
Obama will save you -$1290

Tax savings if you make:
$112 - $161,000 a year

McCain will save you -$2614
Obama will save you -$2204

Tax savings if you make:
Over $2.9 million a year

McCain will save you -$269,364
Obama will tax you +$701,885

OK, if you're greedy and make $3+ million a year, I can understand why you'd support McSame.


Anonymous said...

First of all anybody making over $3 million per year is a success. The failures are those who are making under $50,000.

This report doesn't show those making $200k - $500k. Entrepreneurs like me who work very hard and don't want to pay extra taxes to support all the losers in this world who drop out of school, use drugs, and are major slackers.

One thing that baffles me is how dumb Democrats are. It's not an issue of fairness, its an issue of intelligence and MATH. A person making $50,000 and paying 30% tax pays $15,000 taxes. Somebody making $100,000 and paying 30% pays $30,000 DOUBLE. A successful business person making $300,000 a year would pay $90,000.

Having ONE rate for all people is FAIR. The rich and small business owners already pay almost ALL the taxes collected. It's not fair to tax the SUCCESSES of this country even more!

The jobs in this country overwhelmingly come from small businesses. WE create the jobs. Guess what idiot democrats, when you tax us more we cut back in other areas - ie JOBS.

This moron Obama says he will create jobs by taxing the very people who CREATE the jobs. He's never been successful nor had a company, he has NO CLUE. He will destroy America and its hard working successes. We'll just move our companies outside the US and pay no tax. Serves the idiots in this country right for voting for him.

Anonymous said...

You're exactly right. I don't ask to pay less tax, just an equal percentage. Why punish people for hard work and responsible behavior.
Besause of our higher incomes, not only do we contribute more to the system, we utilize fewer government programs and services. They have the idea that someone is successful because they're "lucky", not because they worked hard.
This sort of screwed up philosphy is against everything this country was built on, and it will be the our downfall.