Friday, August 6, 2010

Maddow exposes Fox News and Bill O'Reilly for race baiting ... again

The video says it all. Bill O'Reilly says there's "not a shred of evidence" that Fox News has pushed a racist agenda. These are his words:

"African-Americans have supported a bigger federal government so it can impose social justice. The vast majority of blacks want money spent to level the playing field, to redistribute income from the white establishment to their precincts."
-- Fox News, Bill O'Reilly

Yes, white people be very afraid, the blacks want YOUR money!

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And... Maddow brings it to David Letterman, explaining how Fox News does what Fox News does, you're not going to change the smear merchants and the politics of hate.

Just watching Fox News, they are a continuous channel of hate, targeting and demonizing Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, gays, and what or whoever the enemy of the day is deemd to be for white Christian American, so that they can be mobilized to vote Republican to defeat these evil forces. Remember when Fox News, for a solid week, became the "ACORN channel?" Well, all those allegations were found to be based on fraudulent information and ACORN was exonerated. Another manufactured phony scandal created by Breitbart and Fox News to make white voters think that black people are corrupt and trying to steal an election.

The track record is clear, the evidence is there. The verdict: Fox News GUILTY of race baiting. Of course their lies don't matter to the Teabagger crowd, the elderly white conservatives, many who grew up during the days of segregation who make up the Fox News crowd, they WANT to think badly of Obama, minorities, Muslims, gays, immigrants, etc... The Fox News agenda is clear. It is racist and dishonest.

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