Thursday, August 26, 2010

Protein Wisdom's Jeff Goldstein shows us how hate and demagoguery override Constitutional principles

Right wing blogger Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom calls himself a "classical liberal," but what he has proven is that he is a "classical hypocrite" who not only deletes comments and bans commenters, but who demagogues people who stand up for Constitutional principles - principles that are a hallmark of his so-called "classical liberalism" - (one who is committed to the ideal of limited government and liberty of individuals including freedom of religion, speech, press, etc...). Freedom of speech?

Yet, like many right wing bloggers who delete comments, bans commenters, he has come out strongly in opposition of the Constitutional right of freedom of religion on the Park51 Islamic Center and makes the argument by logical fallacy, argumentum ad populum: since enough people are "uncomfortable" (read -buying right wing hatespeak) about the building of the Park51 Islamic Center, than they must be right. Goldstein's fellow libertarian Ron Paul destroys his argument by citing Goldstein's own libertarian principles:

It is repeatedly said that 64% of the people, after listening to the political demagogues, don’t want the mosque to be built. What would we do if 75% of the people insist that no more Catholic churches be built in New York City? The point being is that majorities can become oppressors of minority rights as well as individual dictators. Statistics of support (are) irrelevant when it comes to the purpose of government in a free society — protecting liberty.

This is all about hate and Islamaphobia. … Political demagoguery rules when truth and liberty are ignored.

Ron Paul isn't the only Libertarian who has come out FOR American Constitutional principles. Check out Phil Valentine's comment.

Goldstein is not uncommon. Show me one right-wing Tea Party blogger that doesn't moderate comments. Serr8d, from Smyrna TN, employee at Ingram Entertainment, is typical. Aside from his photoshops, tittie porn, and hate speak, he routinely deletes comments.

Unlike Goldstein, I have never deleted comments that show opposing views. Pretty easy to see who the coward here is. Even easier to see who stands with American Constitutional principles.

These cowards don't want discussion, they want ideological masturbation. They do not want to learn, they prefer to push hate, exclusion, insults, and peddle their bullshit to people who agree with them. Just keep it tuned to Hannity and Beck... everything will be ok.

This failed writer, Goldstein, begs for donations to keep himself and his blog alive. Pathetically, he does not even live up to his own "classical liberal" principles. Obviously has nothing better to than sit on his ass and insult people.

Yes, I also do my fair share of insulting, but when I use a term like "teabagger," I tell you exactly who I'm referring to and what I mean by that term. When Goldstein insults, he often does so with out knowledge or justification, as do his commenters. (UPDATE: for example, note the comments on this post. Real substantive).

I take his insults as an indication my criticisms have hit the mark. Thanks Jeff for letting me kick your ass one last time.

Advice: Get a life, Jeff.

UPDATE: “For the last time, sir, yes, we have an entire pot of clam chowder in the kitchen — and no, that doesn’t mean we ‘owe it to the people’ to give you a bowl for free.” - Jeff gives us the classic teabagger position, something like: Yes, I want good roads, good schools, police protection, infrastructure ... but no, I don't want to pay taxes, I expect the government to give me these things for free!! I don't want your black socialist president raising my taxes !! Taxed Enough Already !!

Olbermann call the 'baggers "the something for nothing crowd." Thanks Jeff for pointing that out for us.

Goldstein does not call for the violation of the First Amendment, he calls for violating the Constitution because it makes people uncomfortable - plain and simple. Goldstein - who rails against 'political correctness' feels it is politically incorrect to build an Islamic Center a few blocks from Ground Zero. How's that for hypocrisy? Sorry, as Phil Valentine said, "you are worried about the fascists telling us what we can and can not do and that is exactly what you're trying to do..."

Tell us Jeff, how far from Ground Zero should it be to satisfy you? 4 blocks, 5?

Tell us Jeff, how uncomfortable do you think it makes those teen girls feel who have to listen to all those anti-women's rights Christian zealots protesting at Planned Parenthood clinics? Should we violate their First Amendment rights because it makes someone uncomfortable? Should we outlaw teabagger protests because they're carrying Obama/Nazi signs and that makes me uncomfortable? Yes Jeff, you have every right to protest the so-called Mosque. I've never argued that is not your right.

What side of this argument do you want to be on when history looks back on this? Kind of like we look back at the KKK that marched in Murfreesboro, TN against the building of St. Rose's Catholic Church - because they hated Irish immigrants?

It's great to argue from a position of strength. I've got the constitution on my side. You've got political correctness.

Sorry Jeff, this is America and freedom is our gig. Checkmate.

UPDATE III: The "anonymous ankle-biting cowards from Protein Wisdom and their unemployable manbaby of a leader" can't give it up. Is it jealousy, or are they gay? Demagoging is a way of life for the "manbaby". (Kudos to Turkelson on that one).

Hey Dicentra, do you think maybe you and me, like Carville and Matalin? .... nah, never mind.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On the plus side, you've finally realized that Tea Party is two words.

On the negative side, everything else.

Anonymous said...

Liberal - Stupid
Conservative - Smart!

If everyone were an adjective, your silly little Thesaurus list might make some sense.

Serr8d said...

My God, Villiam, you are a shame and a disgrace to MTSU, to Rutherford County, to Middle Tennessee, hell, to the entire State of Tennessee (since you're on the State payroll, you are a State employee, and shame on you for slandering the Redstate majority of Tennesseans). I warned you countless times you do not now nor will you ever have the intellectual 'chops or the charismatic wit and wisdom to comment coherently at pw, to stay away if you value your own self-polished, self-congratulatory super ego. Did you listen? Do you ever?

This wonderful learning episode you're going through today has been a long time in the making. Let's hope you can keep some shred of your dignity intact. You're lucky to have tenure, but there's other ways you might sense consequences to your inability to keep your damned-fool self-righteous mouth shut.

Oh, and BOOOOOOOOSH~!!11!11!11!!!

William said...

Yes, brave Sir Serr8d, cowardly deleter of comments. Frankly, I stand behind blog posts and would not delete your comments as you've so often deleted mine.

If I hadn't touched a nerve with Goldstein, why would he bother? Anyone who reads this post and his will know who is on the right side of the Constitution.

If MTSU didn't think highly of my work, they would not have promoted me to the highest rank of full professor several years ago, (much sooner than most) and given me ample support for my teaching, program development, and artistic endeavors. For the record, I do not involve politics in any part of my role at MTSU, unlike Serr8d who said he'd "never hire a lib."

PW has proven itself as a cess pool of narrow mind old whte persons club where debate is not welcome and demagoguery is the norm.

Yes, Tennessee is an embarrasssment to the nation, as is the GOP teabaggers who are running on such issues as forcing women to bear rapists babies, outlawing social security, proposing "secnd amendment remedies" against he gov't, promoting covenant marriage making divorce illegal, etc... This type of extremism is were conservatism is going, and you have your grand kids out there supporting the teabgger cause.

Anonymous said...

Let's give you a test.

Do you admit that you've engaged in numerous acts of plagiarism (using other people's words as your own without attribution) in the comments at protein wisdom?

Do you admit that you've routinely used pseudonyms to continually troll protein wisdom after being asked to leave?

Do you admit that you're essentially uneducated and thereby unable to form coherent, logical arguments?

Hint: we already know the answers. This is simply a test of your honesty.

William said...

JD, your answers:

1) Cutting and pasting from news and wiki in haste on a freakin' blog comment is far from plagerizing in the world of academic scholarship (of which you know nothing).

2) I whimsically used different ID's on PW in an effort to thwart censorship and to stmulate discussion and not knee jerk insults like you did to shut down TN Free.

3) I have 11 years of college and 21 years of University teaching. You?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you failed.

1. Lie. Your comments interwove others' words with your own. There was no attempt to set them apart and an effort to conceal. This was not because you were in a hurry or absent-minded. It was intentional and repeated.

2. Halfway honest. Characterize it as whimsical if you want but you did acknowledge that you used a variety of different names so that you could continue commenting at a forum you were asked to leave.

3. U of C for undergrad. Hard to compare apples to oranges when you wouldn't have a chance at being accepted, isn't it? There's a decent chance that I doubled your SAT score.

Not JD, by the way. Which would have been obvious if you had the slightest ability to discern word choices or tone. But you don't. You're uneducated beyond playing musical instruments.

Anonymous said...


Not even close. Not everything is spelled phonetically. But, hey, we should never forget that you've had many years of schooling and many more teaching.

Are you beginning to realize why we consider you to be such a transparent joke?

Anonymous said...

11 years of college and 21 years of university instruction and you still do not know how to spell plagiarism, or understand its functioning principles?! That made Mountain Dew squirt out my nose. Anonymous hung you up by your very short and curlies and you were too stupid to even realize it. Checkmate, beeyotch.

Anonymous said...

The 1st Amendment gives me the Right to say whatever I want wherever I want whenever I want and there is not a damn thing you can do about it, and if you disagree with me you are helping the terrorists win. I hope you know more about geetar strumming than you do about the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

"I have 11 years of college"

Eleven? Seriously?

Really, you could be a doctor or a lawyer, with so much edumacation. Truly, you are a giant.

JD said...

That was not me, Will.I.Am the Plagiarist Yelverton. It is amusing that you are so jealous and obsessed with me that you see me everywhere, yet I immediately recognize you, no matter what name you chose to hide behind, even when you were cowardly stealing other people's names. tennesseefree was shut down shortly after you began abusing your posting privileges. That was just a coincidence, right.

Serr8d said...

"Yes, Tennessee is an embarrasssment [sic]to the nation"

You are embarrassing to whoever voted to give you your tenure, William. Whatever time you spend NOT pickin' 'n grinnin' should be given to taking remedial classes in logic and English, with an emphasis on the classics. Since you can't seem to stay out of forums where you're clearly out of your depth, best you fill in the widely gaping schisms in your fundamental knowledge banks.

Until that time (oh, six, seven years, at least) please stay in such protected forums as Daily KOS and Democratic Underground, where you'll learn to make friends with your intellectual equals. Maybe you'll make friends, if you can avoid massive displays of your personal and destructively overwhelming ego. Remember all your leftist 'friends' at Nashvilleistalking dot com, the blog you destroyed in 2007? That's right, 'what friends'?

You can't even seem to attract your own kind.

JD said...

serr8d - He has destroyed a blog prior to TNfree?

William said...

Serr8d, tell all your friends why you delete my comments if they are so stupid and "I'm clearly out of your depth" ?

JD said...

I suspect that he deletes yours for the same reason it is done elsewhere - you argue with positions not taken, you have a childish caricature of those that do not share your extremist views, you plagiarize, you lie, and you overestimate your capacity for rational thought.

Serr8d said...

William, I hardly ever delete your comments. I may choose not to publish your comments, if I feel that they are off-topic or, frankly, stupidish and follow the track you always follow: cut'n'pasta without any of your own thoughts added except maybe 'read this guy! yeah! BOOOSHBAD!"

I'm gone from just after sunup to dark-thirty, usually, sometimes longer. I don't have time to manage a comment thread; comments to me are a bother, mostly. My blog is not comment-friendly because of my personal time restraints. Ask anyone who notices my posting habits: early morning, late evenings, and sometimes heavy on the weekends. Or not.

How many identical never-varying comments blaming BOOOOOOOOSH! can you post, Villiam? You drove NIT down with your repetitive hatey stupidities and by posting pictures of your paella-smelling 'breakfast settings', a self-indulgent ego trip that NO ONE appreciated. And Bush-bashing to the level of single-minded hatred. I've never seen anyone more focused on hatred for a man than you were (are) on President George (Miss me yet?) Bush, a known Good Man (for the most part). For that reason, Glen Dean was so glad you quit blogging that he deleted all your posts ten minutes after you left TFree. Why he brought you back I think was simply for the 'bad' traffic you generate. And he knew you could kill the place quicker than anyone around; which you proceeded to do. Meh. Suicide by Idiot. Go figure.

Get thee to KOS, Vile William, and to Class - not teaching, learning. And this time, pay attention.

William said...

Foolish and baseless assumptions, JD. I thought you got your ass kicked the last time you were here? Well, at least an education on what it means to be a Tbagger.

William said...

Serr8d, Maybe you forgot about the time I quoted your hero, GW Bush

"The enemy of America is not our many Muslim friends. It is not our many Arab friends ... The terrorists practice a fringe form of Islamic extremism that has been rejected by Muslim scholars and the vast majority of Muslim clerics; a fringe movement that perverts the peaceful teachings of Islam."

- G.W. Bush 9/20/01

Amazing how this country has regressed in 10 years from conservative to the TKK wingnut crazy.

Serr8d said...

The Left was sniffing around for GWB to speak to the Ground Zero Mosque, to bail 'em out after their own prezzidint did such an awkward self-mutilation. GWB didn't give the bastards the satisfaction, now did he?

What GWB said then was the correct thing to say, given the knowledge we had at the time. Now, we are aware of another prong of attack, creeping sharia.

Tell you what, Muslims can have all the mosques they want, as long as we can plant a Synagogue in Mecca and a Cathedral in Medina. We can't allow our own good intentions to be used against us.

But, really, the Muslims should know better than to ask for such a boon. Have they no common walking-around sense?

And why is Islam so easily corrupted that humans can be persuaded to wear suicide belts or drive suicide trucks or planes into other humans? Is this religion one that you prefer to Christianity?

The Christ was a healer; Mohammad was a warrior. The Christ did not own slaves; Mohammad owned many, and gave slaves as gifts. Mohammad took a child as bride. There's heaven and earth difference between the two religions. You hate the Christ and His teachings; you would welcome Mohammad to your home tonight, if you thought it would piss off your neighbors who are not of your political persuasion.

JD said...

William Plagiarist Yelverton - For a midget veggie paella eater, you sure do seem to be obsessed with me and the idea that you can kick someone's ass. You will need a step ladder to reach mine. You see, Willie the racist hilljack, I come bearing facts, where you come bearing stupidity. I understand that has to hurt, and you feel compelled to project your asskicking skills to cover for your know inadequacy. You should stick with strumming, because the written word just ain't your friend. You have beclowned yourself repeatedly, and in a very public manner, but are too stupid to know it. How do my ballz taste, William?

Anonymous said...


My last two comments were deleted.

William said...

I'm sorry you are so pathetically fearful of a 1% minority religion enslaving 300 million Americans. Excellent display of how hate can override logic.

Islam so easily corrupted because of a lack of education, exactly the type of education, Muslim Americans are trying to spread to places like Iran so as to defeat Sharia law. Educated Muslims want freedom the same as we do. You saw the Green movement in Iran, put forward by mostly the young and educated.

I guess you could use a few educated Muslim friends to expand your world.

I do despise fundamentalist Islam, the same as I do most fundamentalist religions that seek to force ideology on others, and on gov't.

Anonymous said...

Are you deleting my comments where I ask for your academic output so that I can check it for plagiarism because you're worried about what I'll find or because there is none?

JD said...

So, William Lying Plagiarist Yelverton is deleting comments. Why do you hate the 1st Amendment, willie the hilljack who names his house?

William said...

Dear douchebag,

I don't delete comments, you must think you're at Serr8d's blog. Try refreshing your browser and clearing your cache.

You can look my dissertation up on University Microfilm or you can get it from the FSU library.

As a performing artist, my scholarship is performing. I don't publish books, but I have transcribed (arranged) many works for guitar, some never before performed on guitar, (which is not plagiarism, btw..).

Anonymous said...

That's odd.

I saw them here and then they were gone.

Anonymous said...

See, I saw the previous comments without refreshing my browser and clearing my cache.

I only needed to do that when I mentioned plagiarism in your academic work.

Sorta odd. Like you wanted some time to hide some stuff.

Anonymous said...

We are well aware of what plagiarism is, William. It is you that should brush up on it. " scholarship is performing." is this the vaunted academic scholarship you were boasting of previously?

William said...

With Goldstein's level of culture, you would think guitar professors would be teaching three chord shit and the "Sultans of Swing."

We know how lacking in culture many of you teabaggers are JD. I remember you saying that if any of your kids would study music in college, you'd cut them off in a second.


Anonymous said...

It's like watching a grown-ass man put on a donkey show.

Wow, Willy. You've outdone yourself today. Tell me: do you throw it up after? Or do you wait a few months, then a mule pops out of your mouth...?

Willie's Mule said...


Anonymous said...

Fourth time is a charm.

Yelverton, to be very up front, I suspect that you've plagiarized some of your academic output and/or classroom materials. I suspect this because I've observed you doing the same so frequently in other areas.

Please give links to your academic output and classroom materials. If you'd like, I can give you a temp email address to email them to.

I'll take an agreed upon period of time to examine them against the most likely sources. If I'm wrong, I'll return here and say so. If I'm right, we'll take it from there.

As you remind us, you've been a student for eleven years and a teacher for much more. Obviously you have much to share so that you can prove me wrong. Decades and decades of material that proves me wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see that!

Show us your output, Willy!

Anonymous said...

By the way, take this bit of academic advice from someone who used to teach logic and rhetoric: you don't get to dismiss an argument based on its popularity. Otherwise, eg., the argument for Darwinian evolution may as well be labeled argument ad populum, too.

Knowing the Latin names for logical fallacies doesn't mean you know how or why to introduce them into an argument. In this case, the fact that 70+ percent of people disagree with the building of the mosque at its proposed location simply means that 70+ of people don't want it there. Whether they are right or wrong to do so is an entirely different question -- one that they've provided reasons for, even as you try to dismiss them by pointing to Latin phrases you barely understand, or to a Constitution you haven't read, don't respect, and clearly don't comprehend.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Most people believe in gravity. Goldstein is among them.


In fact, I'm actually floating above my futon as we speak, looking down at the quizzical face of my beloved kitty.

So you see? Gravity is just a right wing fiction. ARGUMENT AD POPULUM!


William said...

Dear former academician,

You can not put a scientific fact in the same category as a theological belief or a philosophy.

My God has a bigger dick that your god because more people believe in my God.

Evolution is an observable fact. Observed changes in traits of a population occur over successive generations and that leads to natural selection for the best adapted. Genetics prove that humans share a common ancestor with other primates.

Willie's Mule said...

The show must go on, BE@@@TCH!!!

Anonymous said...

"Evolution is an observable fact"

Macro? Like, the Darwinian kind? Advocated by Dawkins, for instance?

Hmmm. I must have missed the billion-years time lapse photography exhibition that provided the scientific proof.

Really. You're a fucking moron.

Let me speak slowly: it is a scientific fact (if you accept the premises of polling) that 70% of people don't want the mosque. Whether they are right or wrong as to their reasoning has nothing to do with their numbers. It is only suggestive that 70% of the electorate find some reason to disagree with it being located where proposed.

That 70% number? Not offered as proof the mosque shouldn't be built. Instead, it's offered as proof that 70% of people don't want it built.

Those 70% have their reasons. Which you've reduced to pure bigotry.

Because you've got a mind like a puddle.

William said...

Dear creationist,
Does it surprise you what America believes?

And yes... I understand, you like Jeff, believe constitutional rights need be applied only when it is within the comfort level of a majority of people.


William said...

And where do you suppose such ignorance comes from?

Willie's Mule said...

Same place I came from...YOUR MOUTH!!!!!

William said...

Attention all teabaggers, your source of hate and ignorance has been documented.

Squid said...

And yes... I understand, you like Jeff, believe constitutional rights need be applied only when it is within the comfort level of a majority of people.


This is a falsehood, and you are a liar or an idiot for continually repeating it. How many times must we counter your lie before you stop repeating it?

The argument, from the very beginning, has been that the Cordoba group has every Constitutional right to build their not-mosque. The rest of the country has every Constitutional right to speak for or against it. And all of us, on every side, are protected by the same bloody Amendment!

This is not a question of can they; it's a question of should they. This is not about using the power of the State to thwart the Cordoba development; it's about showing the Cordoba group that their current actions are counterproductive to their stated goals.

It amazes me that somebody who consistently misses such a basic point of argument can possess the arrogance to sign off with FAIL.

(Unless you were pre-emptively FAILing yourself, in which case I need to give you more respect for your sneaky meta-commentary.)

Anonymous said...

This appears to be a LOOK, BUNNIES moment for William. MediaMatterz told him that Fox is evil.

JD said...

Squid - PASS! A hundred times over, PASS! Willie Yelverton, plagiarist extraordinaire could have a rational thought slither out his weinerhole, and leave a mushroom bruise on his forehead, and he would never have noticed.

William said...

This is not a question of can they; it's a question of should they. This is not about using the power of the State to thwart the Cordoba development; it's about showing the Cordoba group that their current actions are counterproductive to their stated goals.

Ok then, Jeff and wingnuts inc. believe their constitutional rights SHOULD be surrendered in the face of the angry Islamophopes and political correctness.

Feel better?

DarthRove said...


I have the right to paint my ass purple and wear a sandwich board advertising my SSN, bank account numbers, and all my online passwords.

Should I? According to li'l Willie, the answer is "Yes, because it's yer Constitutitionalist Firstical Amendyment right to be a farkin idjit!"

One is not required to, nor is it prudent to, exercise every right to which one is entitled.

Hence one of my previous comments at pw, along the lines of:

"Because it's legal under the First Amendment, William Yelverton supports flying the Confederate flag in full view of all black churches, from all government and private buildings, and surrounding the grave of Dr. King with love offerings of fried chicken and watermelon."

Somehow, I get the feeling if William Yelverton advertised his plans for this behavior, he might decide to not exercise his First Amendment rights in the face of considered opinion against those plans.

Or not, if he's that much of a nudnik.

William said...

I may not agree with it, but it is your right. Flying a confederate flag is seen as a symbol of hate for many, but if it does not serve to endanger, intimidate, violate local ordinances, or impede a goup's right of the pursuit of happiness or freedom to worship, then go for it.

DarthRove said...

Very well.

To build bridges between the black and white communities of the US, I will leave fried chicken and watermelon on Dr. King's grave tomorrow.

I'm glad to know you support bridge-building in this way, Willie.

Anonymous said...

"freedom to worship"

Muslims are somehow constrained from worshipping, you contend?

Turkelson said...

Don't worry about the anonymous ankle-biting cowards from Protein Wisdom or their unemployable manbaby of a leader.

William said...

Worried? hahaha!

dicentra63 said...

Hey Dicentra, do you think maybe you and me, like Carville and Matalin?

Well, sweetie, the only thing you could look forward to is you playing the gee-tar with your mouth good and closed while I guffaw out loud at the regulars at protein wisdom destroying you utterly.

The rest of the time, I'd have Glenn Beck playing on all of the radios in the house.

So, that's probably a no.

William said...

When it comes to entertainment, Glenn Beck is our man.

William said...

Dicentra, you definitely inspired a comment in my latest post, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, William, I'm sorry to see you have to put up with the same crazies we have in Oklahoma.....

You have my utmost sympathies!