Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The biggest threat to American democratic sovereignty

American Democratic sovereignty is held by the citizenry - "government for and by the people." The biggest threat to American democratic sovereignty comes from within - the eroding of our Constitution, separation of powers, and rule of law.


How does America find itself in our present position - being ruled in an authoritarian manner by an extremely unpopular president with consistently low approval ratings who has abused power and ignored legislative oversight?


By the failure of Congress to impeach Bush/Cheney for their multiple constitutional violations. The danger is that these abuses could be taken as precedent by future presidents.

The careful balance between legislative, executive and the judiciary created by the Framers has been undone, and the executive has triumphed as the paramount power - unchallenged and unchecked in seizing the right to subvert laws through excessive signing statements, ignoring oversight, checks & balances provided by Freedom of Information Act, Presidential Records Act, Congressional subpoenas, etc...

Indeed, failure to use impeachment may have its consequences. Such abuse of power is now set as precedent and will be possible for the next administration - likely to be Democrats with majorities in both houses.

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