Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Impeachment is not punishment, it is protecting the US Constitution from precedent setting abuse

Article in Harpers Magazine as to why the impeachment of Bush/Cheney is vital for securing the integrity and future of our Constitution.
Impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney for their attempts to hijack the Constitution would make a clear statement about abuse of power. It would also serve to put reasonable constraints on the conduct of their successors–who are likely to be Democrats. This is a step which genuine Conservatives and Republicans who adhere to their party’s former understanding of a government with an executive of carefully limited and checked powers should welcome and embrace.

Bush’s abuses cannot be taken as precedent by future presidents. Indeed, failure to use impeachment has its consequences: it means acceptance of Bush’s transformation of the constitutional order. It means that the careful balance between legislature, executive and judiciary created by the Framers has been undone, and the executive has triumphed as the paramount power. Impeachment may be a painful process, of course, but Americans should consider whether their Constitution is worth saving.

Of course, if you're an authoritarian fascist, you won't agree with protecting the US Constitution. Ever notice, many conservatives, especially rural and southern cultural conservatives have very little awareness of the Bush administration's abuse of power. They'd rather not talk about politics as their understanding of these abuses seldom goes beyond what they hear from conservative talk radio or what their parents and friends believe. They've never heard of terms or issues like signing statements, pending contempt of congress citations, US attorney scandal, telecom immunity, etc... all issues that affect the Constitutionally mandated separation of powers. I'd be willing to bet that most conservatives have no idea who Jack Abramoff is and why he is in jail. But they sure know about guns, god, and gays... and the biggest oxymoron of them all - "moral values". Another oxymoron - a strong national defense. Under Bush, the American military has never been more stretched and weakened - making America less safe.

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