Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wisconsin primary says GAME OVER for Republicans

Obama wins convincingly in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is a state that is split down the middle. Kerry won Wisconsin in '04 by the slimmest of margins, 0.38%. Gore won in 2000 by an even closer vote, 0.22%.

Look at the turnout in Wisconsin!!

(With 97% of precincts reporting)

1,080, 298 - Democratic votes
394,074 - Republican votes

Barack Obama, by himself:

- received nearly triple the votes of John McCain (636,049 to 219,838)

- nearly double the votes of ALL Republican candidates COMBINED! (636,049 to 394,074)

These stunning numbers send a clear message:



Anonymous said...


I was listening to NPR on monday and they were interviewing lifelong republicans who said they were voting for Obama. WI has an open primary. I hope your assessment is correct.


Sue said...

That's very interesting!!

mrb said...

What will they do in November? I think they've decided he's an easier target than she.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the low turnout was due to McCain already wrapping up the nomination, and the Obama/Clinton contest was still to be decided?

Projecting this towards the November election is simply foolhardy.

Anonymous said...


NPR spent time (as did othr news organizatins) talking to voters in WI. A number of them were Republicans (self-ID'd) who said they would vote for Obama because he looked like the only reasonable choice.

I feel fairly certain that John McCain has more skeletons in his closet and he's also got that famously ugly temper of his which will, sooner or later, slip its leash. I just hope it's before enough idiots vote to give him ther "football".


People Power Granny said...

Thanks for the advice on better health. I know I was surprised by her renewed interest in butter and lard. She gets this stuff from Sally Fallon's book, "Nourishing Traditions." Have you heard of it?

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