Sunday, February 17, 2008

Conservative Washington Times article affirms Bush and GOP lied

The Liars who use fear to try to implement an agenda to protect themselves from laws already broken:

  • Bush continues to lie: "Because Congress failed to act, it will be harder for our government to keep you safe from terrorist attack."
  • White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said the expiration of the Protect America Act "will harm our ability to conduct surveillance to detect new threats to our security, including the locations, intentions and capabilities of terrorists and other foreign intelligence targets abroad."
  • "The consequence is that our intelligence community will lose its ability to affectively and quickly listen to terrorist communications
    -- Roy Blunt(R-MO), House Minority Whip

The Truth:

Washington Times:

Analysts say FISA will suffice

By Sean Lengell
February 16, 2008

Many intelligence scholars and analysts outside the government say that today's expiration of certain temporary domestic wiretapping laws will have little effect on national security, despite warnings to the contrary by the White House and Capitol Hill Republican leaders.


Anonymous said...


I'm guessing that while pretendsident Bushkins is reading "My Pet Goat" to schoolchildren in Benin or somewhere nearby something turribel will happen, something that could not have happened if the nefarious demoncrats had given him what he asked for.

I see that even the Washington Times says Bush is a liar on this one.

You're missing some good (if ultimately pointless) fights over at MCB.


Southern Beale said...

What's been completely lost in this whole FISA BS is that * they already have the power to listen to whomever they want!* All they need to do is GET A FREAKING WARRANT! And they can do that RETROACTIVELY!!!!!!!

Agggh. The stoooopid, it burrrns!!!!

That fact, and the way the telecoms pulled the plug on FBI wiretaps when the bills weren't paid, is all the proof I need that this whole thing is BS.

And if they don't need the warrentless wiretaps to protect us from terriss, then why DO they need them? Obviously, to spy on enemies, not of America but of the Republican Party.

Some day this will all come out ... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Southern Beale:

Bushco is hoping that they can get the telecoms exempted from prosecution so that the CEO's of Verizonazi, AT&T and the rest won't tell their lawyers to cut their losses if an indictment is drawn up. The stories they could tell DA's or Congress would curl Bushco's hair (and fry their asses).