Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle at the Democratic convention - a true representation of America

The DNC - a true representation of America

She's awesome....a Harvard Law grad from a family of humble means. With two lovely daughters, Michelle Obama spoke Monday at the DNC.

If you watch the Democratic National Convention coverage, you'll see a cross section of America. 24% of the delegates are African American, 5% are Asian, 12% are Hispanic, 6% are gays and lesbians, 4% are disabled, and 3% are Native American.

Remember this when you watch the GOP convention ... when you look out into that nearly all white crowd of well-fed Republicans, celebrating their candidate McSame and his filthy rich born wife. Interesting comparison ... Michelle and Cindy.

Glad to see the students back... I've seen more Obama bumper stickers in 2 days than I've seen all summer.

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