Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Myth of a Conservative America

The notion of a "conservative America" has been thoroughly debunked. Actions and beliefs speak louder than a simple isolated poll question.

While many American’s may call themselves conservative, the overwhelming majority of Americans support progressive policies. Indeed, a majority of Americans…
Want universal health care.
Want to expand environmental protections.
Support increasing the minimum wage.
Want abortion to remain safe and legal.
Want federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
Want to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for national priorities.
Want same-sex couples to be legally recognized.
Oppose the Iraq war.

A recent survey of the American middle class that a majority of both Democrats and Republicans favor similar policies. And after 8 years of conservative rule, a record 81 percent of Americans believe the country is on the “wrong track.”

Not to mention, the 'generic congressional vote' has been leaning Democratic by a solid 10+ points for years now.

One reason people don't use the liberal label is that the term "liberal" has been victim to a relentless conservative marketing campaign that has succeeded in vilifying liberals and liberalism. Smear is a part of the conservative agenda - even giving rise to the synonym "swiftboating." The consequence is that only strong liberals are willing to identify as such. But many people who hold liberal issue positions call themselves moderates, or even conservatives.

But, lets remember the very definitions of the terms we're dealing with. Tell me, which group would be best suited to cope with a fast changing world? (Roget's Thesaurus list of synonyms)

Conservative: antiprogressive, regressive, conventional, diehard, lethargic, old-fashioned, reactionary, traditionalistic, unenterprising, fundamentalism, inflexible, uncreative, hide-bound, unimaginative, undaring, clinging to obsolete ideas

Liberal: generous, abundant, broadminded, tolerant, enlightened, charitable, free, advanced, flexible, free, giving, hospitable, knowledgeable, latitudinarian, magnanimous, munificent, open

Also, there is a clear correlation between educational attainment and political leaning. Sorry to generalize but it can't be ignored that people living in the "Red States" tend to be fatter, poorer, smoke more, and be less educated. Sorry.

I just hope in 2008, the smart people will get the opportunity to elect a president. I'm dubious.



Glenda said...

Ok, here's one for you.

I've seen a statistic thrown about that approximately 55% of Americans believe in creationism.

CBS News poll, 2004

Do you think this is so, or is there some flaw in methodology that explains this?

(pleaseohplease God/Goddess/Flying Spaghetti Monster/Big Nuthin' in the Sky say it ain't so.)

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