Friday, May 16, 2008

Bush hypocrisy on "talking with terrorists"

Bush in Israel compared talking with terrorists with appeasing Nazis; asserting that any progress from such negotiations would be a "foolish delusion."

Ironic... what little success Bush has been able to claim with "the surge" in Iraq came from his own General's policy of talking with the very Sunni insurgents and terrorists who were killing Americans only months earlier. Not only did the US negotiate with the insurgents, the US armed them - and that's appeasement. I guess any small "success" in Iraq must be a "foolish delusion." Just reported today, the US is resuming appeasement of N. Korea with food shipments.

Today, CNN reported on the abject hypocrisy of Bush's statements:

It's also somewhat ahistorical. The president has authorized American diplomats to talk to the Iranians in Iraq. They talked to them in Afghanistan. They talked to them in Bonn, Germany, during the founding of the Afghan government during which the Iranians and Americans worked together. The president's own Secretary of Defense is right now arguing that we should be talking to the Iranians. We talked to the Soviet Union and China while they were forming revolutions all over the world and most recently, let's remember, that David Petraeus has talked to the Sunni insurgents and terrorists who were killing Americans only months earlier. And that - a large part of the success of the surge has been the willingness of Petraeus and the American military to talk to the people who they once called terrorists and insurgents.

None of this hypocrisy is surprising from an incompetent president who is a proven liar, who uses the rhetoric of fear to influence politics, or from McCain who proposes the continuation of a dangerous and isolationist foreign policy.

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