Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Republican slogan: "Change"

Sound familiar?

So, the Republicans are asserting that Americans want a change from Republican policies by electing another Republican president? Brilliant. How stupid do they think we are?

Even more laughable, they adopted their slogan, "change you deserve" from a trademarked slogan for anti-depressant drug, Effexor XR.

What's more appropriate than this? According to the FDA - Effexor XR makes "unsubstantiated superiority claims," and is "associated with a number of serious risks" including risk of suicide. Now... that's change you deserve... lol!

How appropriate. Drug the American people with more lies and bullshit, maybe they'll be dumb enough to buy it (if they don't commit suicide).

Get to know the REAL McCain


Steve Ballmer said...


Anonymous said...


John McStain looks like he needs a laxative.

One of McCain's apparatchiks gave a statement about McCain's "new" strategy for winning in Iraq on the Diane Rheem show this morning and then Obama's shill, Susan Rice, basically called bullshit.

After that retired General Odom slapped Bush and McCain around for a while. It was all good fun.


Indigo_Lux said...

Hah, maybe he's taking Effexor, that shit gives you gastro-entestinal problems...

trust me.

Anonymous said...

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