Thursday, May 1, 2008

FOX NEWS: Rev. Wright recruiting for al Qaeda

I kid you not.

On the Rev. Wright News Channel, Col. Oliver North asserted:
"this man has become a recruiting campaign for Al Qaeda and all the enemies of America.”

We also learned yesterday from the same "news source" that “the problem with Obama is that in his adult life, all his choices of associates seem to come from a very particular, narrow, far left fringe.”

Misrepresenting Obama, is this network's idea of excellent coverage of the political issues America cares about in this election. Instead of being informed, it's probably better to be afraid.

With such fair and balanced 'information' ... no wonder people are so well informed.


Chuck U. Farley said...

what a total load of liberal crap

William said...

Chuck, I think you'll find an explanation of your mindset on my next post.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Usuck:

Your terse comment makes me wonder if you mean that FoxNews is liebral mouthpiece. I think it's quite possible that William O'Reilly has had his mouth on some liebrals, but that's probably not what you're getting at.

You should schedule a date with BillyO. I'm sure he'd be happy to fill you in, in a manner of speaking.


Anonymous said...


Not that it matters but do these "one time witless" commenters not know how to navigate back to this blog?