Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bush uses EPA Administrator to manipulate environmental policy and lies about it

Watch Republicans do what they do best: evade issues and protect their corrupt superiors, in the case, President Bush. The Bush Administration LIED. They said Johnson 'made an independent decision' on California's request regulate auto emissions. (not the case - read below)

This video is awesome: Watch Administrator Stephen Johnson evade simple straightforward questions about whether or not he had certain discussions with Bush about key environmental issues. Republican Congressman Darrell Issa [R-CA] tried to come to Johnson's rescue but committee chair, Henry Waxman heatedly rejects Issa's interruptions and threatens to have him physically removed from the hearing ... YEA!!! Watch this AWESOME video.

Why is it that conservatives consistently appoint people to head agencies who have nothing but contempt for the issues those agencies are supposed to oversee? ... The problem lies not with government, but rather with the stooges who run the government and appoint their incompetent cronies to fix problems they have no intention of fixing.

UPDATE - Bush Administration caught in yet another lie:

Despite the EPA Administrator's obvious effort to protect Bush, Wired and the LA Times report: Congress has a smoking gun proving the Bush Administration meddled in the Environmental Protection Agency ruling that denied California the authority to strictly regulate the amount of C02 and other auto emissions.

When he denied the state's request earlier this year, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson claimed the ruling was his and his alone. Yet a House investigation that has examined more than 27,000 pages of records and the sworn testimony of eight EPA officials revealed that Johnson faced intense pressure from the Bush White House to reject the state's request, which would have required automakers to cut emissions of C02 and other pollutants by 30 percent by 2016.

Bottom line: the Bush Administration LIED. They said Johnson ''made an independent decision.''

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