Friday, May 30, 2008

The reason why conservatives are so ill informed

A high ranking Bush staffer and long time associate - Scott McClellan says on the Today Show that the President admitted an impeachable offense and committed a crime; but what do the conservative news sources say about it? Almost nothing! If you get your news from Drudge, Fox News , World Net Daily ... you are living in another world.

No, it's not important to Drudge that McClellan verified that Bush admitted committing a crime - what is important to Drudge is this headline:

What's important to FoxNews? On their front page they report stories like: Thong-Faced Thieves Rob Gas Station. Forget about Scotty! You'll find him well off their front page, buried deep in the political section with this headline:
White House Officials Decry McClellan Claims

World Net Daily - would we find an intelligent discussion of McClellan's allegations? Hell no! Just misinformation, swiftboating, bullshit peddling, and chasing wild geese:
Soros linked to hate-Bush McClellan book

Now, you can understand why these idiots suffer from a basic lack of knowledge. They willingly submit to manipulation, spin, and denial. Pathetic... and very telling.

UPDATE: Bob Dole called McClellan a 'miserable creature' and guess what, he had not read the book.

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