Saturday, May 31, 2008

The swiftboating of Scott McClellan by people who haven't read his book

... like Bob Dole, Dana Perino, and GW Bush.

In typical Republican smear method of operation, Bushies are piling on Scott McClellan and attacking him personally without even considering the substance of what he is saying or even having read the book.

Why is this viewpoint which has been verified time and time again, by previous insiders, Clarke and O'Neil, by a documented Pentagon propaganda program, by military generals, why is this so hard for Bushies to admit or accept? From the book:
Bush and his advisers knew that the American people would almost certainly not support a war launched primarily for the ambitious purpose of transforming the Middle East. ... Rather than open this Pandora's box, the administration chose a different path -- not employing out-and-out deception but shading the truth; downplaying the major reason for going to war and emphasizing a lesser motivation that could arguably be dealt with in other ways (such as intensified diplomatic pressure); trying to make the WMD threat and the Iraqi connection to terrorism appear just a little more certain, a little less questionable, than they were; quietly ignoring or disregarding some of the crucial caveats in the intelligence and minimizing evidence that pointed in the opposite direction; using innuendo and implication to encourage Americans to believe as fact some things that were unclear and possibly false (such as the idea that Saddam had an active nuclear weapons program) and other things that were overplayed or completely wrong (such as implying Saddam might have an operational relationship with al Qaeda).

Yea, you can call him every name in the book, put up clever photoshops, link to websites that try to discredit McClellan through dubious circular reasoning (he lied then, must be lyin' now, follow the money, etc...), but in the final analysis, you have to listen to what he says and by every indication - he is 100% right. Unlike this post, you won't find links or substance in these attack posts. They don't document or refute anything, they just smear - pathetically, that's all they can do - carry out an authoritarian agenda.

I can't wait for more polling data to come out to show who is more believable, Bush or McClellan.

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