Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alabama Attorney General and McCain Campaign Manager: another anti-gay Christian conservative Republican caught having GAY SEX

Alabama Attorney General and McCain State Campaign Manager, Troy King, is married with 3 kids, and teaches Sunday school at Montgomery's First Baptist Church. He was reportedly caught by his wife in bed having homosexual intercourse with his partner and was subsequently banished from his home by his wife. BTW... Troy King helped prosecute Governor Don Seigalman, (that should give you an idea of the level of character of people involved in that case).

This rumor was of course denied by King's office. However, the details are being widely reported (here, here, here, here) and there is talk of an impending resignation. Most indicative of the veracity of the story is that the McCain campaign quickly scrubbed Troy King from their website.

King and his lover, reportedly a Troy State grad who was the 'Homecoming King,' have been seen at the YMCA reportedly engaging in "inappropriate activities." Hahaha ... Troy King with the homecoming King of Troy U. ... lol !!

What makes this so uniquely Republican is that Troy King is a big proponent of 'protecting the institution of marriage' and has made rabidly anti-gay statements. King also was opposed to the legalization of sex toys in AL where they remain illegal. Troy King turns out to be yet another Republican closet gay!! SO damn typical - another corrupt anti-gay Christian Conservative Republican caught having gay sex.

So everyone, had enough of these Republican moral values? Look at the Republicans who support the marriage amendment - David Vitter - a regular customer of whores in DC and LA, and Larry "Wide Stance" Craig.

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