Wednesday, July 9, 2008

McCain doesn't support vets, and they know it

McCain lied yesterday when he said, "I’ve received every award from every major veteran’s organization in America."

In fact, this is how veteran organizations rate McCain:

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America - John McCain rating: D

Disabled American Veterans - John McCain rating: 20%

Vietnam Veterans of America - John McCain rating: 15 votes against/ 9 votes for

Watch McCain get taken to task by a vet for his Senate votes against increased health care for the VA in 2003, 4, 5, and 6 for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

McCain appeared on MSNBC yesterday and blasted Congress for being lazy. He said that instead of taking a Fourth of July recess, senators should have stuck around and passed a housing bill. McCain is a hypocrite. He hasn’t been present for any of the six votes on the housing bill (HR 3221) in the past month. In fact, he hasn’t actually voted on anything in the Senate since April 8. McCain now ranks as the #1 most absent senator of the 110th Congress, having missed 61.8 percent of the votes.

Now there's some straight talk.


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