Sunday, July 27, 2008

McCain advisor: "McCain lost the week badly...he cannot afford another week like this one."

Obama wins in Europe, wins in Iraq, and is beating McCain at home despite the desperate attacks by the old man that have been denounced by fellow Republicans. McSame seems to have centered his foreign policy entirely around the past - looking back to and taking credit for the Bush 'surge,' while Obama continues to look forward.

McSame's strategy of prompting Obama to visit Iraq blew up in the elderly senator's face as Obama received the Iraqi Prime Minister's endorsement as a result of the visit, as noted by McCain political strategist:

Washington Post:
John Weaver, who once was McCain's top political strategist, said his old boss made a big mistake by virtually daring Obama to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, only to see Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki generally embrace the Democrat's plan for withdrawing combat forces when he went there.

"McCain lost the week badly, let's be honest," Weaver said in a message on Friday. "John [McCain] is still in striking distance, thanks to his own character, biography and memories of the McCain of previous election cycles. But he cannot afford another week like this one."

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