Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama has a solid lead in electoral college

In the most extensive poll taken to date - 46,274 likely voters in all 50 states shows that if the election were held today, Barack Obam would be President of the United States. What is most remarkable is that Obama has enough electoral votes to win the presidency without counting any "toss-up states".

Obama's electoral advantage according to the Zogby Poll is 272 to MacCain's 160, with 105 within the margin of error, many of which are leaning to Obama. Further, Libertarian candidate Bob Barr has a significant 6% and is hurting McCain. This survey has a margin of error of just 0.5%.

Pollster John Zogby:
“Obama is in the driver’s seat right now, especially where it really counts - in the electoral votes. Bob Barr could really hurt McCain’s chances. McCain can’t afford the level of slippage to Barr we found among conservatives in this polling..."

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