Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The disaster of the Bush presidency

It is absolutely stunning the ability of the authoritarian right to tout the "great presidency" of GW Bush in face of facts. It could only be one of two things: 1) authoritarian worship, or 2) a simple lack of knowledge and information.

It's no secret that those who get their information exclusively from 'conservative news sources' are misinformed. This of course has been proven to be deliberate misinformation as been shown time and time again, most recently through the Pentagon military analyst scandal. The Bushies eat it up... hook, line and sinker - they swallow.

Question: On whose watch did 9/11 happen? What did Bush do when Tenet and Clarke and the entire intelligence establishment was telling him an attack was imminent? Answer: he went on vacation - for a month. And he's now the big hero... the big protector? How can people thank Bush for "a safer America" because there haven't been any 'further attacks' - especially after the influx of at least 12 million illegals on his watch? If the radical Muslims we're supposedly "fightin' over there so we don't have to fight 'em here" are such a threat, what is keeping them out? What... you think only Mexicans are capable of running across the border? But if we thought logically about this, neo-cons would not be able to use fear to support the war. Stay afraid! (40 some odd presidents can claim they kept America safe because of no attacks on the homeland. It's absolutely ludicrous!)

A Government report flatly states that an al Qaeda attack is now likely because the Bush Administration has not met US security goals to destroy the terrorist threat, and we hear a few days ago a Pentagon report that states the Taliban are flourishing in Afghanistan 7 years after 9/11, and that coalition deaths reached an all-time high last month. Yet, believe it or not, there are actually people who are so delusional and in denial that they thank GW Bush for "winning two wars"!!

Is it amazing some people are so delusional that they actually believe that Bush has somehow "restored dignity to the White House." How so? By committing war crimes and torturing people to death? By ignoring subpoenas , abusing power, repeatedly violating federal law and the Constitution? The GOP Culture of Corruption is a term that has made its way into posterity ... like the Republican practice of smear - 'swiftboating'. So how did Bush restore integrity to the White House, by employing numerous convicted felons in his administration, lobbying and campaigning? David Safavian, Scooter Libby, and Ken Lay .... and Jack Abramoff, who met Bush a dozen times, was photographed with him 6 times ... yet Bush says "I don't know him" ?? The White House lied about their contact with Abramoff. Further, the White House tried to conceal meetings with Abramoff and other criminals by trying to hide White House visitor logs. Then, in violation of the Presidential Records Act - the White House loses millions of emails - specifically during the period of the run up to the Iraq War and the Plame outing.

...and this is just the tip of the iceberg, just a small fraction sampling of the corruption.

Is that YOUR idea of integrity ? It's not mine.

And then there's the economy ... a mortgage crisis and reeling from high food and energy prices, the dollar is weaker internationally than ever, earnings down, and...
  • Job Growth Among the Slowest of Any Administration in over 70 Years
  • Private Sector Job Growth Among the Worst of Any Administration in over 70 Years
  • Job Growth Slowing Since Fall 2005 Peak
  • Unemployment Rate up by 1.3 Percentage Points
  • 2.5 Million More Unemployed
  • Long-Term Unemployment More Than Double Since President Bush Took Offic
  • Employee Compensation Has Lagged Far Behind Productivity
  • The Bush Economy Real Earnings Growth Weak and Unequal Relative to 1990s Expansion
  • Large Projected Surpluses Turned Into Large Deficits
  • $4.2 Trillion More Debt in FY 2008
  • Bush Tax Cuts Will Be More Than 100 Times Larger for Millionaires than for Middle Income Households
  • One of Only Three Administrations with a Decline in Household Income
  • Real Median Household Income Down $982
  • Real Household Income Has Declined for All Except the Richest since 2000
  • One of Only Four Administrations with an Average Annual Rise in the Poverty Rate
  • 4.9 Million More Americans in Poverty
  • 8.6 Million More Americans Without Health Insurance

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