Thursday, July 24, 2008

McCain gaffe of the day: Iraq was the “first major conflict since 9/11“

It seems McCain, like Bush, would prefer to forget about Afghanistan and the failure to capture bin Laden. This McCain gaffe on CBS was edited out, as was his other gaffe on the Anbar Awakening/ Surge timeline.

McCain said:
"We were losing the war in Iraq. The consequences of failure and defeat of the United States of America in the first major conflict since 9/11 would have had devastating impacts throughout the region and the world."
He's right, maybe if the US had won in Afghanistan, where al Qaeda - the 9/11 planners were being harbored by the Taliban, bin Laden would have been captured and the bombings in Madrid, London and Bali may have been prevented. Except McCain was referring to Iraq as the first major conflict after 9/11 ... whoops. This is an insult to the approx 100 soldiers that died in Afghanistan before the Iraq invasion would be launched.

CBS saved John McCain's ass twice... how's that for the so-called "liberal media?"

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