Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#9 removed from NiT for strawman attack on Sobeal?

#9 is dumped

While I've been away from the computer, it seems as if #9's tenure at NiT has expired. I'm sorry but I must have missed the controversy. I've been slow to get back to the blogosphere.

Tell me folks, is this take correct? It appears #9 tried to tell SoBeale 'what she thinks' by this comment:
"Beale believes the radical Islamic fanatics don’t stone people to death. "

This does appear to be a problem because #9 knows this statement is false but used it anyway to smear Beale. It's a classic authoritarian tactic, exaggerate your opponents position then refute it, obstruficate the issue.

To me, the false use of a picture to support the war is reprehensible but fairly routine for the fear mongers. It seems fairly trivial in comparison with muti-billion dollar fraud and waste. . . not to mention death, destruction and incompetent leadership that lies all the time, particularly worrisome now with all the sabre-rattling over Iran.

#9 crowns me king of TN

#9 - I have to thank you for the great compliments you left me on your post refering to my 'you can't handle the truth' style at NiT. Amusingly over the top. Really good 'for us or against us' bullshit as usual -
"A string of guest bloggers who were unpaid came through NiT. None could find the magic formula until William took control of NiT. For months posts of extremist leftist yellow blogism spewed forth. These were reruns from the Daily Kos, Media Matters, Democrat Underground, Moveon.org, Pandagon, and of course Jesus General. It was the worst kind of Hate America First tripe available in Tennessee, which is no small accomplishment. It was as if George Soros had a telepathic link to William."
What do you think Egalia? Not bad aye?


egalia said...

Wow. Say hello to Soros for me, William. Heh. I knew we were winning, but it sounds like we are ahead of schedule. Maybe it's time to think about taking it to the next level.

Anonymous said...


You bastard! It wasn't enough that you wrecked NiT? It wasn't enough that you brainpunk'd Christian into letting you post all of those vile lies about the pretendsident and his loyal followers? Now, you've gone beyond the pale--getting poor ol'Ninny9 booted off the blog. Are you really Sharon Cobb?

I know Mr. Somewhatlessthan10 will not come here to comment, but I'm sure he reads the blog.