Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quote of the night

Bill Maher discusses 'Values Voters'

"According to the US Census Bureau, the states with the most Christians, have the highest rates of divorce, the highest teen pregnancy rates, and the highest obesity levels. Yes, they're fat, knocked up and not talking to each other. At least they put homosexuality back where it belongs, in the airport men's room. ... If you can look at the war in Iraq, the melting environments and the descent of America into 'idiocracy,' and still think our biggest problems are boobies during the Super Bowl and the War on Christmas, then you don't have values, you have issues.

If you had values, you'd draw the line at torture, but a startling number of people who call themselves Christians, don't. And I'm pretty sure if you asked, 'what would Jesus veto?' It wouldn't be health care for sick kids."

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