Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ron Paul reminds the neocons about this thing called 'The Constitution"

Ron Paul says:
"Why don't we just open up the constitution and read it? You're not allowed to go to war without a declaration of war."
"The thought that the Iranians could pose an imminent attack on the United States is preposterous, there's no way, this is just war propaganda, continued war propaganda preparing this nation to go war and spread this war, not only in Iraq but into Iran, unconstitutionally. It is a road to disaster for us as a nation, it's a road to our financial disaster if we don't read the constitution."
- Ron Paul [10/09/07]


Southern Beale said...

BTW, I thought Ron Paul did a good job explaining how the country IS in a recession -- if you're poor or middle class; Wall Street and Washington just don't know about it yet.

It was a nice rip-off of John Edwards' "two Americas" speech. It also happens to be true, but maybe some folks will appreciate it more coming from Ron Paul than from John Edwards.

Anonymous said...

Southern Beale:

Rest assured that Wall Street and Washington are fully cognizant of the state of the economy--and counting on the sheeple to stay asleep until after the next election.