Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anti-war Ron Paul receives more military support than all other GOP candidates combined

Ron Paul is for immediate withdrawal of the US from Iraq but gets more support from military personnel and their families than all other GOP candidates combined. What does that tell us about the opinions of this war by our military? He also reminds the neocons of that nagging thing that seems to be an impediment to their authoritarian rule - the US Constitution.

Ron Paul on Fox News:

"We take the traditional position that you should only go to war under a declaration and win and get out ... Some people say that's weak for the troops but it really isn't, it's protecting the troops ... and the fact that we get the money from the military more than all the other Republicans put together is a pretty darn good endorsement. I've been in the military.. i believe in a strong national defense"

FOXNEWS QUESTION: You like to bring issues to people that sometimes are surprised when they hear your answers and your stance, is that your trademark?

Ron Paul: Well, I think that's sort of of sad because I come from the Constitution and when they're surprised, it means that they're not quite aware of what Article I section 8 says. That's sort of a shame.

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