Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fox News Poll - Ron Paul wins another GOP debate

When are people like Huckabee and the consumers of GOP fear going to realize this "war against Islamofascists" isn't going to be won with the present strategy? When are they going to get it? The objective of our military is to protect America, not to deplete our armed forces in a bogus illegal and expensive war.

Ron Paul is for immediate withdrawal of the US from Iraq and gets more support and contributions from military personnel and their families than all other GOP candidates combined.

Ron Paul's message rings clear.

Who won the Florida GOP Debate?

Ron Paul - 34% - Winner
Mike Huckabee - 27%
Rudy Giuliani - 11%
Mitt Romney - 10%
Fred Thompson - 9%
John McCain - 5%

Whats really going to sink Huckabee is his preoccupation with abortion and being a strong anti-choice candidate. America is solidly pro-choice and he'll never never never be elected with that position. We've had too much religion in government with Bush, and America has had enough of it. Forget it Huckster, you'll never make it.


D.R. Schmidt said...

Ron Paul is VERY pro-life too so your argument greats down. I guess Ron Paul should not be supported either then? Ron Paul is a libertarian and there is a party for him to represent...why does he need to be in a Republican debate?

William said...

Ron Paul can't realistically win the nomination. He can just take votes away from the GOP front runners and is essentially helping the Democrats. I agree with Paul in just about every other respect besides abortion and i love it when he reminds the Bush neocons of that nagging impediment to their lust for power - the US Constitution. Go Ron!!

Anonymous said...

And why cant he win the nomination again?

William said...

The GOP political machine is too ingrained and the GOP electorate is generally too dumb to elect a maverick like Paul. Plus, he's anti-choice. I would imagine he'd leave choice up to the states rather than make it the law of the land.

Dane Andrade said...

I agree with you William. I disagree with Ron Paul in his attempt to change the intent of the first amendment with that school prayer amendment, and his views on abortion. BUT I love voting for him on Fox, and watching him make Hannity crap himself trying to figure out what was going on...

Anonymous said...

...and here it is

William said...