Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are we safer since invading Iraq? Army Chief Casey says Iraq war depleting our military

The answer is no. We have experienced unprecedented fraud, waste, incompetence, corruption, and expense in the Iraq war while the war profiteers continue to reap benefits often from substandard work. This is the biggest and most expensive scandal of our lifetime.

If anyone still thinks the Iraq war has made us safer, they should listen to what the US Army Chief has to say about what the war has done to our military.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Casey:
Boston Globe:
In his first appearance as Army chief of staff, Casey told the House Armed Services Committee that the Army is "out of balance" and "the current demand for our forces exceeds the sustainable supply. We are consumed with meeting the demands of the current fight and are unable to provide ready forces as rapidly as necessary for other potential contingencies." ... Casey predicted, it would take at least three to four years to restore the Army to full strength, including replacing damaged or destroyed equipment, adding tens of thousands more soldiers, and increasing health and other benefits for Army families coping with frequent deployments of loved ones.

If the neocons don't believe their own 4-star General, then WTF?

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