Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where are the Christian values in people who support vetoing childrens' healthcare but support a $330 million per day war? What would Jesus do??'

I just got an email from a commenter who was banned by Mark Rose for simply asking this question (in regard to the Bush SCHIP veto):
Mark, do you think Jesus would veto health care for kids because it was too expensive while approving funding for killing kids in Iraq? Is that an example of your Christian values?
Mark's response:

I'm not sure why you are so hostile toward Christians, but it's really none of my concern.
Hostile toward Christians? I think it's a legitimate question for supporters of our Christian President who ran on a platform of moral values. Don't you?

Mark has banned several commenters and, unlike my blogs, he strictly moderates his comments. Mark Rose says he bans people that are vulgar. No, he bans people because he's a coward that won't entertain tough questions or evidence that negate his dogmatic belief systems.

Conservatives complain that the SCHIP bill would include older adult children, so I revise my question:

Would Jesus would veto a childrens' health care bill if it included a few adults?


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