Monday, December 3, 2007

Bush obstructs Congressional investigation on Plame leak

Do you believe it? Some authoritarian wingnuts, like this guy for example, still believe Bush's former Press Secretary Scotty McClellan is lying when he said that Bush and Cheney were among those "involved" in his passing along "false information" regarding the Plame scandal. Doc says, Scotty turned on former boss just "to sell books." This is a great case study in authoritarianism and abject denial

OK, so if Bush has nothing to hide, why is he blocking the investigation? Bush has denied the House Oversight Chair's July request for Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's FBI files. These files contain Bush and Cheney testimony that was not before the Grand Jury and therefore not subject to secrecy laws.

The Waxman Committee request:

Transcripts, reports, notes, and other documents relating to any interviews outside the presence of the grand jury of any of the following individuals:

  • President George W. Bush
  • Vice President Dick Cheney
  • Andrew Card
  • Stephen Hadley
  • Karl Rove
  • Dan Bartlett
  • Scott McClellan

The chairman notes that Janet Reno, who was attorney general in the Clinton administration, made an independent judgement to provide several FBI interview reports to the committee, including those of Bill Clinton and then-Vice President Al Gore.

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Anonymous said...


I know you work hard on this stuff; but c'mon dude, even I know he's just a drug addled, dry drunk, deranged, cowardly, lying fuckweasel--but, then I didn't vote for him so I could see it early on.

Man, the bushbabies are just losing their minds--no, that already happened--now they're just being more vocal about it.