Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough: Either the President "is lying to the American people" or "is stupid" ... take your pick

Yesterday, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley told reporters that President Bush was first briefed on the National Intelligence Estimate’s conclusions on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

However, and intelligence official was quoted as saying:
The NIE has been in substantially the form in which it was finally submitted for more than six months. The White House, and particularly Vice President Cheney, used every trick in the book to stop it from being finalized and issued.
So, either Bush is lying or is not doing his job. We pay him to be privy to the most current intelligence.

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough said it best:
"We are left with only two options here. Either the President of the United States is lying to the American people about what happened during that meeting, or the President of the United States is stupid."

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Anonymous said...


For the last little while Joe, who cheerfully carried water for Bushco for most of five years has been doing the same thing the recently non-amnesiac Scotty McClellan is doing. Finding a new way to make a buck, now that shilling for the reptilicans is playing to a smaller audience.