Saturday, December 1, 2007

Huckabee - the US is in a religious war

Vote Huckabee for an American theocracy.

Can you imagine America being led by a man who claims his most distinguishing qualification is a Theology Degree from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Only in Republican land ... and right now Huckabee is leading the GOP in the latest Iowa poll.

In fact I think I'm stronger than most people because I truly understand the nature of the war that we are in with Islamo fascism. These are people that want to kill us. It's a theocratic war. And I don't know if anybody fully understands that. I'm the only guy on that stage with a theology degree. I think I understand it really well.
--Mike Huckabee
About how much do you suppose the Huckster learned at Ouachita Baptist University in the 1970s about 21st-century fundamentalist Islam? Here's a wild guess: not much. Sounds like 'Bush lite' - if such a level of ignorance is even possible. But yes, it is possible - as Huckabee demonstrates. By the above quote he's just acknowledged we are in a 'religious' or theocratic war. Nice!

He's a a typical part of the Republican Culture of Corruption, he's had five admonitions and $1,000 in fines from Arkansas' Ethics Commission as governor. These incidents involve things such as failure to report that he paid himself at various times from campaign funds, nondisclosure of income, receiving various gifts like $3700 cowboy boots that had the appearance that he was "rewarded" for his performance as governor, for trying to take $70,000 in furniture from the governor's mansion, as well as using a governor's expense fund for a dog house and panty hose. More christian moral values hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...


I've used the late, great Warren Zevon's songs as parodies before. This one kinda cries out for the "Carmelita" treatment:

"Oh, Ouachita, teach me right,
so God's foe I might smite.

'cuz if the 'slamofacists have their way.

They will run us out of town."

I was just over at Coyote Chronicles and Mr. Mack and some other folks are talking about the Reptilicans (and Obama). People like Huckabee are either demented believers or cynical beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

Huckabye? He's toast I think. I don't think he really wants a theocracy though, I think he just wants the votes from those who he thinks want one.

Huckabee wants to have adulterers, homosexuals and rape victims stoned to death. He also wants to make alcohol and music videos illegal, and make women 2nd class citizens and to take all girls out of school.

Oops, my bad, that’s another ‘religion’.

Hey, anybody but the PIAPS!
if you’re MAD
punish your country

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