Friday, December 21, 2007

Let's have some fried cheesecake! Only in America, the home of the obese

I couldn't believe it, I saw the commercial. Yes folks, fried cheesecake is now available at Sonic and Arby's. No wonder obesity is out of control in America!

I saw this 'food' discussed on a local blog.

Don't get me wrong, I love cheesecake. There is nothing as delicious as a cold dense NY style cheesecake with a hot cup of tea. But, now in my mid-40's, I recognize that such food is a recipe for a heart attack and clogged arteries. I almost never eat cheese cake... it is about the most unhealthy thing you can put in your mouth in terms of saturated fat and cholesterol.

So, how can we make an unhealthy food worse? Do what southerners do best ... deep fry it!! Yea, that's just what America needs - deep fried cheesecake to top off a healthy Sonic meal of a burger, side and shake:

*Super Sonic® Cheeseburger (w/ Mayonnaise) - 980 calories, 64 grams fat
*Tater Tots w/chili & cheese, Sonic Size - 720 calories, 50 grams fat
*Large Peanut butter shake - 1010 calories, 59 grams fat

Total - 2710 calories and 173 grams of fat ... and that's just one meal without dessert.
*(source: Sonic nutrition guide website)

Yea... that's what we need - fried cheesecake for dessert!

I've been a pescaterian for 16 years (vegetarian with occasional seafood) and I love the taste of dairy but for health reasons, I avoid it almost completely. I never buy dairy milk, and on the rare occasion that I use a small amount of butter, it is organic. (No bovine growth hormones for me, thanks). I just had my yearly physical. After taking up running a bit more seriously and modifying my diet slightly, I've lost 10 lbs. and my total cholesteral has dropped from 223 to 150, my PSA down from 2.8 to 1.7, my resting heart rate down from 72 to 58. My body weight puts me right in the optimum normal BMI range (22 - 23). You get what you pay for, and this good news from my blood work comes from alot of cold nights running down the road and a healthy diet. It's also given my mood a lift.

While I'm at it, I might as well be politically incorrect and cite this correlation between education, politics, race and obesity. (Conservative voters tend to be fatter, whiter, and less educated... sorry - it's a statistical fact).

Life is about choices. Get smart, get active, live long and prosper.

You are what you eat. Listen to Jules:

Pulp Fiction: I Don't Dig On Swine -


Anonymous said...


What else can I say?


Fried Cheesecake is as MittelMerKKKin as chocolate covered pork rinds.


Anonymous said...

You know that stuff looks very tempting. Reminds me of a desert we used to serve at a place I worked in Asheville: French toasted pound cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream, maple syrup, and creme anglaise sauce. Wonder how many calories that one was.

I'm a fellow Terry Frank refugee, she didn't kick me off I just couldn't take her seriously anymore.

This is a shameless plug. I've just established my own blog. I'm a history prof, well read and informed and love to argue. Please visit and post. And any advice would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Dessert that is. I can spell. said...

That sounds revolting, but then, I generally don't eat fast food anyway. I just don't like it.

I've always said that Southern food is just deep-fried fat balls. We'll fry anything that isn't nailed down. If only it didn't taste so damn good!

William, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Anonymous said...


This is in the category of "Island Myths", I guess.

I've been told (or read, I'm not sure which) that American Samoans enjoy a treat called "Deep fried turkey butt". A turkey butt is that flesh fat lump that you USED to see on your bird when you started to prepare it for the oven. They aren't on most turkeys I see these days. Supposedly they are breaded and deep fried like some form of triptothanian foie gras. UMM, Turkey butts!!


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