Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For Webutante and authoritarian religious conservatives, the First Amendment offers the right to denialism and ignorance

When a differing opinion is too factual, too convincing, too challenging to debate, just delete it. Denialism is a hallmark of authoritarian religious conservatives like Webutante. And she admits it:
Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime . . . .” — Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

Also a hallmark of Webutante.

I am flattered by your compliment and remain, happily, guilty as charged.

Unlike Webutante, I never delete comments on this blog. I am not threatened by her views or anyone else's as she is threatened by mine. This says a lot about her psychological profile and the political persuasion she subscribes to. (Bob Woodward wrote a book about it).

Ever notice how most college newspapers (like MTSU) provide opportunities for on-line comments on their stories and opinions? You won't find that opportunity at student newspapers at religious colleges like Liberty or Bob Jones Universities. Why? Because they are threatened by a diversity of opinion, a 'secular' world view, and just the plain old truth. Easier to live in a bubble and not answer to inconvenient truths. Right Webby? Just surround yourself with like minded wingnuts and refuse to learn anything.


Joe said...

I'm not a conservative, but I've got to agree with Webutante about her right to delete or not publish comments from folks on her blog. It's censorship when government does it, not an individual.

I'm not aware of the nature of the comments she deleted or refused to publish. If they were logical opinions in opposition to hers, then, yes, she would probably be insecure in her conservative beliefs. (From what I've seen, that is indeed more common on conservative blogs than on liberal ones.)

If, however, the remarks were nothing but trolling or otherwise wacky remarks, then she was probably trying to keep the conversation on her blog at a certain level, and I couldn't fault her for deleting or refusing to publish them.

William said...

When I comment on a blog, I almost never state opinions that are unsupported. I usually include links to factual sources, sometimes not as many as I'd like due to spam filters. Thanks for your observations, Joe.

While it is well within their right, it speaks volumes of their tactics, openness and capacity for learning.

Anonymous said...


In future, perhaps you should just save the comments and post them here so that we can all go to her place and ask what was so monstrously offensive about them.

Unlike you I constantly voice my opinion without any supporting factual analysis. I'm thinking, very seriously, about changing my voter registration from an "I" to N "R".