Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bush's bimbo press secretary

Bush's bimbo White House Press secretary Dana Perino describes herself as "once a Bushie always a Bushie" ... of course we already knew that.

On the NPR game show, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, Dana Perino admitted she knew nothing about recent American history. She didn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was, thought it might have something to do with the Bay of Pigs invasion. She had to ask her British husband what it was all about. He responded incredulously, "Oh Dana!"

Sheeesh.... can you imagine? This is the spokesperson for the President of the United States.

She lost the game.


caroleann said...

Very shocking! Not surprising. With the Bush adminsistration it seems the less prepared you are to do a good job the better chances you have of getting hired. Perino is "lady-like" and very sweet and pretty and I really think this has something to do with her being chosen. I believe some male reporters will see her as fragile, the epitome of a woman they have always been taught to be very nice too. Eventually though I expect they will come around and start slugging it out with her.

Anonymous said...

Dana Perino is HOT and did a wonderful job bitch-slapping that ugly old hag Helen Thomas. Dana ROCKS!

Anonymous said...


Helen Thomas has been getting "bitch slapped" by many people for a very long time. She's still there. They're all gone.


Check your in box in about 10 minutes.


caroleann said...

That ugly old bag was once young and pretty like you. Helen is one of the most respcted reporters on the Hill. She doesn't take gruff from anyone. She irritates people like Bush because she insist on asking questions deigned to get to the truth. May yu half so bright as her in your old age.

Anonymous said...

What does one expect? An Idiot PS for an Idiot President, one exalts the other.

Anonymous said...

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