Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Hate Guns

But it's fun to target shoot once in a while.

The thing I don't understand about gun owners 'feeling safe' about having guns around is that if someone wants to shoot you, they are going to do it. They will not wait until you go get your gun to defend yourself.

Considering this target shoot with a 30 caliber KAL w/ scope at 50+ yards, it seems apparent that there would be little to do in terms of defense if the shooter made the first move. Perhaps someone with a gun could kill the shooter after he has already killed you, so how's that making you safer?

OK, so you like to "kill it and grill it." Since I'm not a meat eater, I don't relate but OK, use your rifles to feed yourself... but handguns? What are they good for?

In the words of Lynyrd Skynyrd:
Hand guns are made for killin'
Aint no good for nothin else
Less guns will make the world better, safer. America agrees:

ABC News Poll. April 22, 2007.
“Do you favor or oppose stricter gun control laws in this country?”
61% - favor
36% - oppose


Anonymous said...

Hey, William:

I don't know what the distance was but that looks like a better group than I'd get at PBR with a full choke 12GA.

The guy who l was living next door to for most of the last year showed me his match target one day. I saw 3 holes down in the left hand corner and one hole on the bullseye. He said it was from 200 yards. I asked him how many rounds he had fired and he said 3 for the "ranging" shots in the lower corner and 5 for effect. I looked more closely and could see that there were at least 2 semi-circular perforations, in addition to the one that was for sure a clean hit. He said the guy who scored the hits thought he saw at least 4. This was done with a 5.56mm at 200 yds.--scary.


Southern Beale said...

Oooh you just got on Ted Nugetn's shit list!

Anonymous said...


This would be different than William getting on Teddy Nonuts "I shit my pants, to avoid the draft" list, yes?


S&H said...

Defense isn't simply a matter of stopping another shooter. It could be a knife wielding felon, a rapist, a guy kicking in your door with a crow bar, etc. Handguns are an efficient tool for stopping a violent attacker at close range.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you dumb ass gun banners grow some balls pussys and fuck Obama.he's a dumb fuck 2

Anonymous said...

Its this way of thinking that can be more dangerous than any weapon. Sure...In most cases a gun wielding criminal will get the drop on you but carrying a handgun is a from of adding another tool to your tool box.
If anyone in their right mind was going to be held at gun point they would atleast want a fighting chance to live and having a handgun in a situation like that atleast helps level the playing field. I have never had to pull my weapon before but I can think of a few times that carrying a handgun definatly played to my advantage.
Plus saying handguns are pointless cause the criminal we pull his first is like saying your shouldn't wear a seatbelt because your going to die in a car crash anyway.

Anonymous said...

Saying a liberal has more complex thinking than say, a Libertarian (conservative) is the most UNINTELLIGENT statement EVER.

I would love to see EVERY ANTI GUN Liberal there is, get murdered in their home due to their lack of defense.

One thing that controls liberals.

Ego. Morality.

It WILL get you killed.